Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Best Vampire Movies

So I was thinking about it last night. Okay, last week. And I was thinking about Twilight and how much it sucked, and how it started out as blah blah blah.
And I realized, people don't really know what I think about Vampires and Vampire movies. So here are my top 5 vampire movies of all time.
Bear in mind, these are my favorites, that if I were to go out and rent a movie, I would rent these. I'm sure someone will say Nosferatu or Dracula 2000 was better, but I don't really care.

Number 5: Queen Of The Damned (2002)
So, this is not exactly the greatest Vampire Movie ever. In fact, it's supposed to be the movie version of the book by Anne Rice of the same name. It failed miserably. The only similarities were the fact that the characters names were Lestat, Akasha, Marius and Jessie, and Lestat was a rockstar. The movie totally skips over the pivotal storyline of the book, getting rid of many important characters, and reducing the ones left to...this. Why is this my favorite if it sucks? You ask. Well, the soundtrack is amazing and features original songs. And if you have never read the book, this whole thing totally makes sense. It also has great actors in it. Aaliyah plays Akasha, the Vampire Queen of the Damned. Vincent Perez stars as Marius, (Who unfortunately is but a shadow of the true Marius, and hispanic, while Marius is a blonde Roman.) Perez also stars in The Crow: City Of Angels, which I loved. This also stars Stuart Townshend as the all-important Lestat. As much as I hate Townshend's interpretation of Lestat AS I KNOW HIM, he was good as Dorian Gray in the forgettable yet very good League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
This movie is great because of the soundtrack. And Aaliyah. It's only number 5 because there is one Armand Cameo and Armand is my second favorite character. And Marius is not a hot blonde roman. And the storyline is messed.

Number 4: Underworld Trilogy
So. Underworld. I love these movies. This is one of those movies that tried to take the genre in a whole new direction, and did it well. At least the first two did. The third (Rise of The Lycans) was just a rehash of everything we learned in Underworld part 1. And Part 4 just looks awful. (Spoiler! Michael Corvin, the pivotal, unique character who was the utter FOCUS of the first two films is gone.)
The movie is very interesting. Vampires and werewolves (called Lycans) are at war. Selene (played by the ever sexy Kate Beckinsale) is a Death Dealer, vampire trained to wipe them out. Well, the lead werewolf has a plan. He kidnaps members of the Corvin family, attempting to create a vampire/lycan hybrid. He succeeds with Michael Corvin. In the second installment, Selene tries to expose a corrupt vampire leader to the last remaining elder, and the world goes to hell.
It's hard to summarize these two movies because there are so many plot twists and turns, that it would take me far longer than this blog post to explain it all.
Great movies. At least the first two are. The next two are blights on the very name.

Number 3/2: The Lost Boys
The Lost Boys. What a movie. This features The Coreys, both Feldman and Haim. And...two words...Kiefer Sutherland. This movie may be pure 80's cheese, but it is so fantastic. Brothers Michael and Sam move to Santa Carla, the self proclaimed murder capital. At a beach front concert whatever, Michael sees star, David's(Kiefer) girlfriend. He follows her, leaving Sam(Haim) to meet brothers Edgar and Alan (Feldman and that one kid no one remembers much because he was not a Corey)at the comic book store. They are assigned the whole xplanation thing. And they do it well, cementing their role as the amatuer vampire hunters.
Michael and Star meet up the next night, coincidentally meeting up with David's gang, including Alex Winters (Bill, of Bill and Ted fame.) as Marko, the nameless but totlly hot actor who plays Paul, aka 'that twisted sister vampire!', and, of course, Billy Wirth as Dwayne. Billy and Paul are totally only there to say like one line and prance about in mesh shirts and leather but that's ok, they are HAWT. Seriously, between them, they have one line, and I still totally think they are the most interesting characters like oh my gawd.
Anyway, David and Michael have the whole testosterone fight over Star going on. And in a pivotal scene they hang off a bridge. But before that, David makes Michael eat maggots and drink vampire blood. The next morning, Michael awakens as a half vampire, like Star and the kid that she takes everywhere. The point of this whole thing is you cannot be a full vampire until you take a life. So, words are said between Sam and Michael, Michael almost eats Sam, their mom dates the head vampire of the whole gig, and it's just a funny, cheesy, 80's Vampire movie. With Paul. Who is the only blonde guy I'd totally date.
So this is both my number and 3 AND number 2. Mostly for the mesh shirts and the bridge scene.
Well, that and Paul and Dwayne.

Number 1: Interview With The Vampire
Where do I even begin?? Tom Cruise, Antonio Banderas, Brad Pitt, Kirsten Dunst! In 19th century New Orleans and Paris!
It was so good, that instead of getting pissed about Banderas playing the 17 year old Russian redheaded painter vampire Armand, I just let it happen.
The summary of this movie is far to amazing for me to write it. It's that good. AND true to the book by Anne Rice.

Monday, November 28, 2011

You babybats are so cute....

With your white face powder, hair dyed to hell, thick eye makeup, black lips...

I know, you all want to smack me a good one. I don't blame you. See, at 13, I was exactly the same way. See?

and 2 months before that I looked like this:

Kindergoff extraordinaire, I am. And yes, those are manic panic streaks thanks for asking.

But then my dad got married and his wife basically was like: "you look stupid.." and I found Youtube and Michellephan and last year I bought Gothic Charm School by Jillian Venters and Cherry Bomb (the book) and I realized "OH MY GOD I LOOK LIKE AN IDIOT!"

So I went from this:

To this:

(maybe that's not a perfect example but I don't dress uber gothy anymore, so you'll have to deal.)
Trust me, BabyBats, I know what I'm talking about. And let me just say COME ON YOUNGER ME! STOP SHAVING YOUR EYEBROWS!

So, here's some advice for you lil babybats all obsessed with being the perfect Ville Valo and Amy Lee clones.

1. No one is goth 24/7. No one. Some days even Robert Smith of The Cure prefers to sit around in his pj's and watch Tough Love with no makeup on.

2. do not go to bed with your makeup gone. Seriously. Don't.

3. black lipstick and heavy eyeshadow for school makes you look stupid. You WILL get made fun of, sorry. And black lipstick looks good on nobody. Brandon Lee is the only exception and see how well that turned out.

4. Corsets and fishnet tights/gloves in school are no-no's. Especially middle school. And if you're in high school, wearing them to a job interview is a huge no-no. You can wear gothy clothes to an interview, but they should be corporate and professional. No shirts with naked vampire girls.

5. Stop wearing Bloody Mary powder foundation and hot topic eyeliner. It's 99 cents, and trust me it looks like it. If you're poor, drugstore companies like covergirl offer very pale foundation and dark liners. If you save up, Sephora's Kat Von D collection has pale concealers and a few dark liners. If you are REALLY rich, English company Illamasqua has foundations for paler skin. DO NOT GO WHITE, that's for clowns, but they have pale foundations that look good. And wear some blusher please. Illamasqua has blush for the pale. Drugstores don't. Use pale pink eyeshadow. Anyway, Their company also has a charity for Sophie Lancaster, an English Goth beaten to death for being goth. Their darkest black eyeliner is even named Sophie. So not only are they makeup geniuses, knowing not every woman is naturally tan, but they are pro tolerance, of ALL lifestyles.

6. Please know where 'goth' music comes from. There's a never-ending debate on which bands are goth and which aren't, but we all seem to agree on what started us off. The Cure, Joy Division, Bauhaus, Sisters Of Mercy...those are starting points. You don't have to like them, I certainly don't, but at least know who they are.

7. You can't listen to only My Chemical Romance or Evanescence and call yourself an expert in goth music. You can't. You can call MCR your favorite band, but don't try to sell them as the gothy-est band ever because most of us will disagree violently.

8. Prepare to get taken seriously in all the wrong places. My parents accepted the goth thing a while ago, and set a few ground rules (No Corsets or bustiers, for my dad at his house it's no all black ensemble.) Your parents may not. Expect to hear 'it's just a phase' a few BILLION times. And yes, your classmates will tease you. If I had a dime for every time someone asked if I was reading Twilight or hissed at me or called me a vampire I could afford 2 bottles of Freak by Illamasqua, and 3 full coverage foundations in RF115. Also, no matter how joking you are, don't say 'I will eat your soul' to a classmate. Because they will somehow take THAT seriously, or they will make fun of you endlessly. This has happened to me. My sense of humor is very...dry and somewhat morbid, so when I dead pan 'your soul', when someone asks me what I'd like to eat, it gets taken VERY SERIOUSLY.

9. You do not have to wear all black. For me, it's not possible 24/7. Also, with my black hair, my skin looks even paler. You can find gothy shirts in red, purple, gray, orange....even White. Yes. White. And be prepared to answer some stupid questions. Such as "You're not goth, you're not wearing all black!" or "You're not goth, you don't have on black lipstick/eyeshadow/hair." don't be like me and snidely ask them how many goth people they know besides Marilyn Manson, then get REALLY sarcastic when they answer none. It's not their fault they're...(grits teeth)...misinformed. Blame the Media, who portray us, at best, mopey depressed freaks in a corner cutting ourselves, at worst, satan worshipping sluts who kill cute bunnies. So do not get rude, it doesn't help our image.

10. Find your own style! Yes, Amy Lee looks hot, Emilie Autumn is beautiful, Ville Valo is great, Gerard Way is...well, and Jyrki 69 is so gorgeous he makes me want to go straight, but do not dress exactly like perfect little clones of them. I categorize my style into 5 different sub categories. Horrorgoth, which is my Wednesday 13, Al. B. Damned, Rob Zombie side, Electric Gypsy, which is Motley Crue, Back in Blood/Lost Boys/Devils/Angels era 69 Eyes, LA Guns, motorcycle LA trash, Hollywood Vampire, which is mostly Back in Blood 69 eyes and Sixx A.M. Corsets and velvet blazers with jeans and knee high boots. Girly goth(Perky goth), which happens to shop at Kohls and does my makeup, and Victorian, traditional goth, which is Wasting the Dawn/Gothic Girl/Dance D'Amour 69 eyes, Emilie Autumn, corsets, velvet lace style. See, I work many different styles, and so should you. Don't be a clone.

So, that's it cuties! my advice for you adorable babybats.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Kat Von D Makeup Reviews

Just for fun, I'm going to review the Kat Von D items I own and use.
Most of Miss Kat's items are hit or miss for me...everytime I order I lose a bit of my soul I hate her THAT FRIGGIN MUCH. However, the woman knows makeup. Just look at her. You don't wear that much eyeshadow and not know anything about makeup.

She gets great reviews on her eyeshadows and lipsticks, and for the most part I tend to agree. Again, some can be hit or miss, and I can't be a great source because my lids and face get very oily. This is what science calls a variable.

Just for background, I own all her perfumes and they're all ah-mazing. Except for Poetica, the purple one. That one is very floral so it's only a 'good' in my book. I got Saint And Sinner when they first came out. I was 13. So yes, I did have vague knowledge of the Sephora Kat Von D line. Then I got a Sephora giftcard, bought her makeup, and...well.

Of all her products I own: Poetica/Saint/Sinner/Angeles Eyeshadow Palettes, Hustler/Party Animal/Stormy/Gunshine/Retox/Sexer Lightning Sheer lipgloss,High Voltage Eyeshadow Primer in Skin and the Lock 'N Load Makeup setting mist.

Let's get to it shall we?

First, eyeshadows. I don't have the swatches right now, but they are on my facebook.
As for why I'm providing two definitions? Well, In person and on the skin, they look nothing like they do online. Especially the Saint palette.


I sort of love this palette, sort of not. The colors(With sephora descriptions in italics, mine in regular), left to right are:
Venus(Shimmer bronze/Golden bronze copper), Leather (Matte Dark Chocolate Brown/Orange based matte brown), Specimen (Pearly Medium Brown/True beige), Rehab (Pearly Beige/Creamy light beige), Peggy (Pearly Turquoise/Jyrki 69's eye color), Bukowski (Pearly Aqua/Shimmer Turquoise), Bellbottom (Pearly Slate Blue/Shimmer denim), and Morphine (Cream White/Worthless crap white)

So, what's wrong with this palette? Not a whole lot, actually. The brushes that come with are worthless, and the cream eyeshadow, as it is in ALL Kat Von D palettes is crap. My only problem, not even with this palette in particular is that her shades are VERY shimmery. Too shimmery, at times. And her browns and grays, if you blend too much, can end up being orange and blue. Yes, I'm serious.

But this palette is not bad, even with the shocking blues. The blues are very blendable, and nice for a pop of color. The browns are very subtle and wearable.

Except for Venus. Venus is not a color for very fair women like me. It ends up not being a nice color, way too dark and...copper. It is just not a good look.

My favorite color is Rehab. It's a nice skintone, and looks very cute. I wear it daily, as a matter of fact, for a little shimmer on my lids.

Overall, 3.5 out of 5 stars!


The ultimate goth girl's palette. This is THE dark palette, and not a very wearable one.
Again, colors, left to right:
Disco Dust (pearlized soft pink/shimmery baby pink), Linzy-Jane (iridescent purple/Light purple), Ace of Spades (burgundy w/ purple sparkle/Dark purple with purple and silver sparkles), Violator (smoky purple w/ purple sparkle/gray-purple with silver and purple sparkles), Holy Bible (pearlized silver/Silver tinged shimmery white), Glock (pearlized gun metal/blue-gray), Dorian Gray (pearlized charcoal gray/darker blue gray), Lucifer (matte black).

With these next 3 palettes, they all come with a mini eyeliner, which isn't worthless, but isn't exceptional either.

Like I said, gothy and dark. Except for Disco Dust, which I use as highlighter on my eyes and face, they are be very hard to wear to say, work or school. Unless you think the smoky eye is okay for those places (It isn't. More on extreme makeup in my Advice for KinderGoths post, should be up by tomorrow.), or you're IN a field that requires dramatic makeup, like a makeup artist, or a stripper, or model. (An aside to Twin and Kelly. Your makeup is NOT a smoky eye. Yours is acceptable, and very cute.)

This is a beautiful palette, I love love love the colors, I really do. It's just hard to find a place to wear them, so if you're not able to find a place (For me it's concerts, pictures, Dance Recital, and Theater), don't shell out the money for this.

4 out of 5!


LtR: Forgiveness (pearlized butter-cream/Shimmertastic cream), Sand Timer (pearlized sand/Matte beige-skintone), Chandler (pearlized copper/ Venus in a new palette), Tijuana (brown and black with gold sparkle/Matte brown-lots of black with minimal sparkle), Wonderland (burgundy with gold pearl/Burgundy with a hint of gray, a few sparkles), Skiba (purple with gold pearl/gray purple with sparkle), Babe (lavender/Neon purple), You Alone (matte vanilla/Shimmery vanilla).

Another palette hard to wear in the daytime hours! This one actually looked exactly like another (CHEAPER) palette named True Love, only instead of copper, there was gold, and a matte black instead of the brown black. Also the white was matte. Otherwise they were exactly the friggen same. Go figure.

2 out of 5 because it's a ripoff of a cheaper palette by KAT VON D AS WELL.


This is my favorite palette because I can wear it! Daily! And it LOOKS NATURAL!
(Also I call this palette the shimmerbomb. It's very very shimmery, and requires a lot of blending if you want your eyes to look more natural, less beige disco-ball.)

LtR: Heavens (pearlized vanilla/See You Alone), Enjoy the Silence (pearlized butter-cream/See Forgiveness), (soft pink with sparkle/Disco Dust's color, but matte, with silver sparkle), Downtown(pearlized champagne/Shimmery beige), Sunny (pearlized gold/Unspectacular sort of gold.), Pray For Me (pearlized taupe/Dark grey beige), Bookworm (pearlized brown/Brown with gold sparkles), Caravaggio (dark matte brown).

I love this palette. Just saying. I use Pray For Me and Bookworm on days when I feel like making gradiation. <3 is cute, I use it both as highlight and in the inner corner of my eyes.

4 out of 5.


So I own 6 shades in the Lightning Sheer lipgloss line. 5 bucks each, that's a steal.
I own the colors Gunshine (Sheer gray), Hustler (sheer yellow gold with iridescent glitter), Stormy (Burgundy red with silver sparkles) Party Animal (Orange with gold sparkles) Retox (On Sephora it says this is baby pink. It's actually a peacy nude.), and Sexer (Sephora says peach, more or an apricot pink.)

The rest of the line was discontinued, but the other colors/names as near as I can guess are Stripper, Rocker, Marg, Strutter, Fierce Red, Saint and Bam. Those, of course are the really sexy pretty ones. -eye. roll-

I love this lipgloss. For 5$ from a huge place like Sephora that's a steal. They are also very shimmery and glittery. A few of the shades (Hustley, Sexer, Gunshine) are very sheer and provide minimal color, but there are a few colors (Party Animal, Stormy) provide some real color payoff. Party Animal, and Stormy is a sexy dark burgundy. The only problem is it tends to wear off easily. But it also smells very nice, like candied cherries, vanilla and apples.

So.. 3.75 out of 5!

Makeup Setting Mist

This...was a real disappointment. Thank god I got this on sale because its claims are crap. Fine mist? Locks your makeup down all day? No sale. The mist is really really awful, hardly a 'fine' spray. And my skin is still oily and foundation still needs to be set an hour later. Thank you oily skin!

1 out of 5 because it smells like cucumbers. Otherwise, don't waste your money.

Eye Primer

Another case of AWESOME container, bad product, like the Setting Mist. The name is Skin, but I have no idea who has skin color this yellow. It's 2 shades away from being flat out orange yellow, if you must know. And as far as priming goes? Not a whole heckuva lot of difference. My eyeshadow still creased like heck, and my lids still got oily. More oily in fact. Using this as a base also seems to make it HARDER to blend they eyeshadow, especially the darker ones. It gets patchy.

1 out of 5 for the scent (red apples) and awesome container.

That's all folks! I've reviewed it all. Hope you enjoyed.

Xmas list

Mom told me to put it up so here it is:

Kat Von D Poetica/Adora/Saint Angeles Perfume
Kat Von D Metal Orchestra/Ludwig/Beethoven Eyeshadow
Hot Rod Voodoo Erzuli shrug
L'Oreal HIP Cream Liner in black
Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper
Kat Von D Eyeliner Pencil in Puro Amor

That's it, and the last 3 were added on right at this moment.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Reasons Why I'm NOT Wiccan.

Contnuing with my pissy posts of late, concerning controversial areas, let's talk about Wicca and why I'm NOT one, and why I am SO OVER teenage kids believing everything a book says.

Your honor, exhibit number 1: The Sweep series by Cate Tiernan. It's not an awful series, in my opinion. I read the first 6 books and I don't hate it. It's an interesting series aimed for teenagers, mostly girls. It does address Wicca in positive lights, indicating the author does know what she's talking about. So far so good right? We're off to a good start? Well...kinda. Cate brings in the whole idea of Blood Witches, which means you are part of an old family of witches and your powers are derived from your family, making you royalty.

Lets deal with that 1 problem at a time, ok?

I understand without the 7 Families concept, Mrs Tiernan wouldn't really have a story. I get it. It does make for interesting subtext.

But if you are a 13 year old girl very much into Wicca, or your notion of it, the 7 families concept is not a good one. Like it or not, other teens, but we are subtly influenced by what we read. And these 13 year olds do actually think Mrs Teirnan is showing what Wicca is actually like. They think there ARE 7 families of witchcraft,oddly always Celtic (Irish and Scottish), based mainly Wicca. And they start claiming they're a part of one of those families.
How do I know this? Totally happened to me. I WAS that 13 year old.

Also, powers? Come on. I'm going to leave it at that.

Like I said, I understand why Cate Tiernan wrote these books, so it's not her I want to freak out at. She's just writing a book series with a few glaring inaccuracies, albeit a VERY interesting series.

Exhibit 2: Silver Ravenwolf and TeenWitch.

Let me just say, Raven Digitalis and Silver Ravenwolf, even if you both didn't have really bad books, you would still be snickered at for your names. Silver. Raven. Wolf. You sound like a goth 20 year old girl at the clubs.

Alright, that was a bit snarky of me, but come on, when you hear Silver Ravenwolf, do you think seasoned witch of 20 years, or angsty teen girl?

Silver Ravenwolf is not popular among the Wiccan crowd, mainly because of her bestselling book Teen Witch.

I read Teen Witch, and since I was 12, I don't remember much, but reading snippets and clippings now...


She's really controlling in the whole concept of Wicca. DO NOT HARM! and NO BLOOOOOOOD! seem to be her main arguments, though any Vodou Mambo could tell you sacrifice (Not of the human kind, calm down.) is a good thing, nay, needed in most of their rituals.

She also cals herself Mama Silver, which just makes you think of that sweet 30 year old woman at the occult bookstore, guiding you on the right path. This lulls the parents into a false sense of security, until she busts out with:

Teen Witch! Is at the bookstores NOW. Call 1-800-THE-MOON to place your order, or bug, bother and pester your neighborhood book store till they can't stand it any more. Oh, and for the adults that don't like this statement? Maybe you don't care about their future, but I do.

If I weren't going to let my kids read her books before, I'm most assuredly not now. Really? Bug your parents? For a dang book?

My parents would smack me, not buy it.

She also encourages lying to parents, by telling them you're 'praying to angels' or some such nonsense.

Surely there are easier ways to tell your parents you're exploring a new religion. It wasn't easy for me, but I pulled the bratty 13 year old approach, not the mature adult approach in which you calmly explain why you are interested in this particular religion, and offer to let them read the books you have so they can see for themselves what exactly you're looking at.

Side note: this would probably work for my parents, but every parent is different, and in some cases, NO they aren't always going to understand you. My mom is still twitchy about the goth thing, and my dad has gotten a lot better at accepting my fascination with the darker side, but still won't let me wear all black.

Oh well. In 2 years I can do whatever I want, though I've started accepting that you do not have to wear all black only black 24/7. Now, if only other people could understand that because I'm not wearing black lipstick and dramatic eyeshadow doesn't mean I'm not goth.

But I digress.

Silver Ravenwolf does not portray Wicca in an accurate light. She makes it fluffy and rainbows and sometimes its not. Not all witchcraft follows the Harm None ideal. (I'm not Wiccan but I still try to hold to that ideal.) For more info on 'Mama Silver' check out the links below.

Silver Ravenwolf also makes anyone not Wiccan out to be stupid simpletons. The main targets of her wrath are usually Christians. I may argue some parts of Christianity, often angrily, but I will never say they are stupid sheep who blindly believe everything, and can only be saved by turning to us, where we must deprogram them. And as ridiculous as I find the deeply fervent followers to be sometimes, some of the greatest, nicest people I have ever met are christians. A good friend of mine is Mormon, and he is great. My mom's family on her maternal side are Christians and they are great people. I babysit for a christian family every tuesday while the mom goes and works at church. Again, great people. I may not agree with their way of thinking, and though I may have said it in the past, they are not naive stupid sheep. they are AWESOME people.

I mean come ON.

So, why exactly am I not Wiccan? Well, besides the actual initiation into a Gardernarian circle and all the ho-do, I just have moved on from the fluffy bunnies part of my life. It was cool and unique when I was 13, but I don't really connect with nature like many do. Don't get me wrong, I love being in unique nature spaces. They're just usually overgrown graveyards, not forests or fields. When I went to New Orleans last March, I really connected with voodoo and the energy there. I don't practice it officially, I sort of blend what I've been doing with what I understand now, but I'm still learning and progressing.

However, I will say, it's because of the inaccurate information that I do distance myself from Wicca, ever so subtly.

And that's the skinny.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You're 14. No, You don't get to smoke

My school is in an uproar. Not because school lunch prices have risen to more than their 2.50 for a disgusting slice of pizza. Nor for yet another assembly about how the white race gets it way easier than everybody else. (Not here we don't. In the deep South maybe.)
Instead its because our schools designated Smoking area is closing. We call it Telly.
And no this area isnt for teachers or overage students legally allowed to purchase these cancer sticks.
It's for any student. Kids at my school are 14-18 and roughly 75% of them are out there at lunch smoking.

We are the only school in our district, the ENTIRE district to have a student designated area for smoking. And no, the campus monitors don't check and make sure you're of legal age to smoke. All they care about is that you keep walking.

Where's the responsibility here? And why has NO PARENT complained?
Oh yeah, I know, they're trying to get their kid to cut down from a pack a day to only 6 cigarettes a day. No, I am not exaggerating.
I mean seriously? If you don't think having a school environment that accepts and -lets be honest- even encourages smoking will cause more smokers, you're an idiot.
Having this area and this laissez faire attitude totally encourages smoking. It practically lights the first one up for you.

I know the other side says at least they're doing it on school grounds, if you take this away they'll sneak out and go to private property. It's not illegal to smoke it just to buy it if you're underage!
(The whole point of where they'd have to GET the cigarettes from I guess just zooms on by.)
As you may have guessed, the other side are mostly students who are cool with dying.
As spencer reid says, 6 minutes.
(From a Criminal Minds episode in which Reid tells a hooker every time his mom lit up, he'd tell her '6 minutes' as in, 6 minutes off your life span per cigarette as in less time I get to spend with you.)

Quit Whining. You're underage. It's illegal. I hope you tell the cops that bust your ass that you didnt buy it, you were just smoking. Yeah, 18 year olds still get in trouble for having sex with 16 year olds. Even though it's 'legal'.
I'm glad they're shutting it down. I'm perfectly happy with not polluting my lungs anymore. With the amount of smokers? Just going outside sends tons of that smoke down.
Quick trivia: 90% yes 90% of non smokers have residue of cigarette crap in their lungs.

Thanks. Now I get to die with you stupid underage brats. You don't get rights over this, you're 14. Shut up and deal with it. You're not losing any rights, you never had this right to begin with! This is at best a privilege. And privileges, as those of us who were raised well realize, can be taken away.

Final point: Smoking causes yellow teeth and bad breath. Not to mention I cannot stand to go within 5 feet of you. You reek. You are 14 years old and you reeeeeek of cigarette smoke.

What happened to this country?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Private Lives

I'm always so intrigued when I hear about actresses, especially disney actresses having to apoligize because they sometimes act their age, which is usually over 18. Vaness Hudgins had to apoligize for sending sexy pictures of herself to her boyfriend. My question is, why do private lives matter so much? I doubt the 8 year old watching HSM is going to hear about that. I was freaking weird as a kid and I never watched the news. If the Murder She Wrote star had had a sex tape out there, I never would have heard about it, so why do people have to apoligize for being adults and having sex/getting plastic surgery, etc.

I'm going to be honest, I love Jack White and Matthew Gray Gubler. But I don't know shiite about these guys except for that they're hot and talented because that kind of news doesn't really affect my life. I mean, I can dream, but unless MGG reads this, decides some 15 year old chick is his soulmate and can wait a few years, I doubt I'm ever going to meet him, let alone GETWITH the guy. (Jack's married and around mid 30's early 40's, ew when I look at it in perspective, he just plays a lwa in one of my books that stay in my head until I get really bored. Well, his looks were the inspiration for the lwa anyway.) Matthew I love you. As the weird teen who sadly identifies with Dr. Reid.


So when I hear author Judy Mays was given an ultimatum of epic busybody proportions, the kind perpetrated by women who've only gotten it missionary style as ordained by 'teh bibleh!' instead of the fun way ordained by...everybody..., I was shocked. Mays writes erotic or romantic type novels. Not exactly light material, but it's fun. Sexy. Shapeshifter slash human fun sexy stuff. She teaches students as well. Let me make this clear; I don't care or want to know what my teachers do at home. Could not care less. In fact I would prefer I never ever find out. Because my teachers stay teachers. If I see them outside of school it's awkward and we have nothing to speak about except my impending initiation into the crazy people who diagnose other crazy people crew. If one of them turned out to be an erotic writer, hell, I probably own one of their books, that's what would make it awkward.("Oh, Ms. so-and-so, was...good, I really liked- ok I'm leaving here's my report kthnxbai ma'am.") This woman who 'exposed' Mays claims that Mays will either be looking at her son, or her son will be thinking of the sex scenes he probably hasn't nor will ever read. The kid actually came to his teachers' defense, no shocker there, ey students!?

For the record Mays is married and has kids apparently older than her students. Also, come to think of it, if you didn't want your apparently easily influenced kid to think about it, why'd you bring it up in the FIRST FRIGGEN PLACE, lady? That insecure?

Interesting how freedom of speech comes to mean freedom of whatever we want you to say. You get no private life. You get no devious, sexual behavior. You get no kinky whatever the hell YOU do in YOUR bedroom in YOUR house that doesn't affect ANYBODY, because we don't like it.

Well the school board gave Ms. Mays an ultimatum*; you can write your books, or you can quit teaching. You can't have both. Like it really matters. You're forcing her to give up something that she loves, there's no way she can win! Reminds me of the people who say gays shouldn't teach kids, they'd be ogling us! I sincerely doubt the lesbian teacher finds a 15 year old straight chick with braces and acne and a bad attitude sexy, but people can be incredibly stupid and incredibly reaching for a reason to be a bigot! Same thing happened with Mays. She wrote sexy stories, she MUST be sexually deviant. A pedophile even, although none of her books or any evidence shows there to be pedophilia. And why would she even want some from your awkward inexperienced kid? Jeesh. Thinking about/wanting Sex=/=pedophilia, woman who is so sexually frustrated she needs to deny to herself that people the world over are having some faaaantabulous smex RIGHT NOW. AS I TYPE. YOUR MIND HAS BEEN BLOWN.

Sickens me, why private lives need to be what parents think your private life should be. Even though it's YOURS. Ya know. Like a boss and all that.

*Ms Mays wasn't fired, the whole thing was dropped because people realized sex in written form is not the devil, AHEM Mrs Apple, aka the person who clued us in...

More info here:

Monday, June 27, 2011


Continuing this weeks y'all can suck it theme, I'd like to update. One, me and Pip from al b damned Im-ed. And had a real conversation. I know I'm tooting my own horn here, but what. Do you and a member from your favorite band IM? No. You do not.
Unless your favorite band is Al B Damned.

I also got to see Rock Of Ages with my dad as an early BIRFDAY! present. It was indeed face meltingly awesome. And although the seats weren't near the stage like at CATS, ours were in the balcony. And were bitching.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Suck it People

Just so y'all know, I'm connected. To many famous people. Including Al. B. Damned.
Recently though, I ment Al Franken. THE Al Franken, of SNL and democratic fame. We were in Minnesota, and off of our plane and I WAS OVER IT. OVER IT!
Seriously, I hate traveling with more than one person. If it's 4 other people, I'm apt to commit matricide.
So I was being a grumpy bitch, I mean brat, and just generally growling at strangers when mom was like, 'Ky! It's Al Franken!'
Then I got nice.
What now! I met a senator! Ha ha ha!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Perfumes/cosmetics Kody Loves!

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Perfumes

-Brisgamen perfume
-Dance of Death perfume
-Danse Macabre perfume
-Embalming Fluid perfume
-Epitaph perfume
-Jazz Funeral Perfume
-Zombi perfume
-Absinthe perfume
-Blood Perfume
-Jack perfume
-Wrath perfume
-Bat perfume
-Cicuta perfume
-silenti perfume
-Black lily perfume
-blood countess perfume

Victoria's Secret
-black velvet amber blackberry perfume

The Body Shop
-Aloe calming toner
-Tea tree blemish gel
-tea tree blemish fade night lotion

Urban Decay
-Deslick oil control setting makeup spray
-Deslick in a tube mattifying gel

-La Base Pro face primer

-Oil control lotion
-Nocturnelle nail polish
-Nightfall nail polish
-Mac studio fx powder foundation

-Bloodbath zombie zen lotion
-bloodbath candy corn lip embalm

Manic Panic
-Black widow lashes
-vampyre's veil pressed powder ( Candlelight/starlight/moonlight)

Physician's Formula
-Mineral Wear Green correcting primer
-Concealer Twins 2-in-1 Green/fair concealer

Rimmel London
-Day 2 Night mascara
-Sexy Curves Waterproof mascara

-Oil free acne wash cleansing cloths
-Oil free acne wash redness soothing cream cleanser
-Ultra sheer dry touch sunblock SPF 100+

Lacarmina perfume giveaway!

I'm such a giveaway whore. One of my FB friends, jack-of-all-trades Lacarmina is doing the Cherry Bomb perfume giveaway. She's holding her contest at her blog, see my awesome linking skills below.

I think it's hilarious that even though I'm a jeans and leather jacket kinda girl, I love perfume, skirts and makeup. Jus saying. If you remember the blog post for my b-day list, you'll know this well. Anyway, check out her contest, she's an awesome girl, the best spokesmodel for us goths.

or just check out her facebook, Lacarmina!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Play Writing Progress

So, today as I go through the new Sixx:A.M. album trying to find filler for my play, which is still untitled, and I found a song Skin. Goes like this:

Paint yourself a picture
Of what you wish you looked like
Maybe then they just might
Feel an ounce of your pain
Come into focus
Step out of the shadows
It's a losing battle
There's no need to be ashamed
Cause they don't even know you
All they see is scars
They don't see the angel
Living in your heart
Let them find the real you
Buried deep within
Let them know with all you got
That you are not
You are not your skin
When they start to judge you
Show them your true colors
And do unto others
As you'd have done to you
Just rise above this
Kill them with your kindness
Ignorance is blindness
They're the ones that stand to lose

Reminds me a lot of how my life has been, and I wish I had been able to do this song for the recital. As it is, I think it will be the song James sings at R and Amiee's graves before he goes and buys heroin to dull his pain. But the song Live Forever has yet to be put in, and we still have 5 more songs to fit into James's storyline. At this point, it's a matter of seeing which songs are James viewing himself as the monster he's become and his actual experiences

Sunday, May 1, 2011 list

This will be the xmas/birthday list for the next 4 years or so.

Hot Topic Giftcard
Sephora giftcard
Flat Iron
Pore-fessional Primer
Lancome La Base Pro Primer
M.A.C Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in N3
Simpsons Seasons 6, 10, 11, 12
Barnes N Noble Gift card
*Sourpuss Batty Beki Dress
*Infectious Threads 426 Spiderweb Creeper shoes
*Infectious Threads Long sleeved slits top
*Kreepsville 666 I Love Halloween T-shirt
*Sourpuss Horror/Monster/Terror tie sleeves top
*Sourpuss Dressed To Kill Bat Skirt
*Iron Fist Wolfbeater/Bela's Dead hoodie
* Too Fast Eyebat pencil skirt
*Sourpuss Monster Gal pinup
*Sourpuss Killer Tarantula cardigan
* Sourpuss Dressed to Kill bat shrug
*Sourpuss Bloodbath Candy Corn lip balm
*Sourpuss Bloodbath Zombie Zen lotion
*Sourpuss Horror/Monster/zombie rhinestone necklace
*Sourpuss webbed clutch purse
*Sourpuss Monster faux fur scarf
*Sourpuss bat attack/green-black/orange-black/spiderweb socks
*Sourpuss spiderweb umbrella
*Kreepsville 666 Daddy's Ghoul Tee
*Kreepsville 666 Stripey bats/ dead girl socks
*Kreepsville electrocutie/I'm with spooky tee
*Sourpuss hearse bath mat
*Sourpuss Monster mortuary/rise from your grave/ monster parts mugs
*Kat Von D Angeles perfume

* means that its a special website,, Kreepsville 666 clothing,, and

You can see why this will last me 4 years. ^^

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Take your drama and shove it, ok?

Remember Kody, sticks and stones may break your bones, but chains and whips excite you.

Drama is fun! If you're in a class for it. And it's only onstage.
Firsat off, my exe's new girlfriend thinks I'm flirting with him. Then ignores me because someone that wasn't me told her I called her a bitch and was going to punch her. Instead of talking to me about it...she ignores me. What?
And my ex decides to ignore me reason. Yep. No reason. Oh wait, there is one...he's a brat who has ex issues with me and can't get over the fact that I've gotten over him.

And my dance teacher left my class to do Poms Nationals (Good luck RHS!)....and we had about 2 screaming matches in as many days.

Then in Anime Club, our VP decided the day before club to do a party with no warning. And gets bitchy with my girlfriend for playing with me.

So, to all these people...shove it! Jesus christ, get over yourselves!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


A list of Musicals I want to see, and those I've been in.

American Idiot

(Might be) Hairspray
Phantom of Op'ry

Friday, March 4, 2011

New Play?

I'm going to do it. Going to take the plunge. write the dang play (MUSICAL!) based off Nikki Sixx and the Heroin Diaries Soundtrack. I was going to make them into music videos, but after RENT, I think I could do so much more with a play than with a 4 minute video.

So, here's the list of the songs. Until the new Sixx A.M. Album comes out, they'll stay this way

Xmas in Hell
Van Nuys
Accidents Can Happen
Pray For Me
Pray for Me Acoustic
Lies of The Beautiful People
Heart Failure
Courtesy Call
Accidents Can Happen Reprise
Dead Man's Ballet
Girl With Golden Eyes
Life is Beautiful
Life After Death

OBVIOUSLY this won't ever be a real play unless somehow Mr. Sixx approves. Which is doubtful. Unless he's like Greenday and actually don't mind.