Wednesday, October 19, 2011

You're 14. No, You don't get to smoke

My school is in an uproar. Not because school lunch prices have risen to more than their 2.50 for a disgusting slice of pizza. Nor for yet another assembly about how the white race gets it way easier than everybody else. (Not here we don't. In the deep South maybe.)
Instead its because our schools designated Smoking area is closing. We call it Telly.
And no this area isnt for teachers or overage students legally allowed to purchase these cancer sticks.
It's for any student. Kids at my school are 14-18 and roughly 75% of them are out there at lunch smoking.

We are the only school in our district, the ENTIRE district to have a student designated area for smoking. And no, the campus monitors don't check and make sure you're of legal age to smoke. All they care about is that you keep walking.

Where's the responsibility here? And why has NO PARENT complained?
Oh yeah, I know, they're trying to get their kid to cut down from a pack a day to only 6 cigarettes a day. No, I am not exaggerating.
I mean seriously? If you don't think having a school environment that accepts and -lets be honest- even encourages smoking will cause more smokers, you're an idiot.
Having this area and this laissez faire attitude totally encourages smoking. It practically lights the first one up for you.

I know the other side says at least they're doing it on school grounds, if you take this away they'll sneak out and go to private property. It's not illegal to smoke it just to buy it if you're underage!
(The whole point of where they'd have to GET the cigarettes from I guess just zooms on by.)
As you may have guessed, the other side are mostly students who are cool with dying.
As spencer reid says, 6 minutes.
(From a Criminal Minds episode in which Reid tells a hooker every time his mom lit up, he'd tell her '6 minutes' as in, 6 minutes off your life span per cigarette as in less time I get to spend with you.)

Quit Whining. You're underage. It's illegal. I hope you tell the cops that bust your ass that you didnt buy it, you were just smoking. Yeah, 18 year olds still get in trouble for having sex with 16 year olds. Even though it's 'legal'.
I'm glad they're shutting it down. I'm perfectly happy with not polluting my lungs anymore. With the amount of smokers? Just going outside sends tons of that smoke down.
Quick trivia: 90% yes 90% of non smokers have residue of cigarette crap in their lungs.

Thanks. Now I get to die with you stupid underage brats. You don't get rights over this, you're 14. Shut up and deal with it. You're not losing any rights, you never had this right to begin with! This is at best a privilege. And privileges, as those of us who were raised well realize, can be taken away.

Final point: Smoking causes yellow teeth and bad breath. Not to mention I cannot stand to go within 5 feet of you. You reek. You are 14 years old and you reeeeeek of cigarette smoke.

What happened to this country?

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