Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Private Lives

I'm always so intrigued when I hear about actresses, especially disney actresses having to apoligize because they sometimes act their age, which is usually over 18. Vaness Hudgins had to apoligize for sending sexy pictures of herself to her boyfriend. My question is, why do private lives matter so much? I doubt the 8 year old watching HSM is going to hear about that. I was freaking weird as a kid and I never watched the news. If the Murder She Wrote star had had a sex tape out there, I never would have heard about it, so why do people have to apoligize for being adults and having sex/getting plastic surgery, etc.

I'm going to be honest, I love Jack White and Matthew Gray Gubler. But I don't know shiite about these guys except for that they're hot and talented because that kind of news doesn't really affect my life. I mean, I can dream, but unless MGG reads this, decides some 15 year old chick is his soulmate and can wait a few years, I doubt I'm ever going to meet him, let alone GETWITH the guy. (Jack's married and around mid 30's early 40's, ew when I look at it in perspective, he just plays a lwa in one of my books that stay in my head until I get really bored. Well, his looks were the inspiration for the lwa anyway.) Matthew I love you. As the weird teen who sadly identifies with Dr. Reid.


So when I hear author Judy Mays was given an ultimatum of epic busybody proportions, the kind perpetrated by women who've only gotten it missionary style as ordained by 'teh bibleh!' instead of the fun way ordained by...everybody..., I was shocked. Mays writes erotic or romantic type novels. Not exactly light material, but it's fun. Sexy. Shapeshifter slash human fun sexy stuff. She teaches students as well. Let me make this clear; I don't care or want to know what my teachers do at home. Could not care less. In fact I would prefer I never ever find out. Because my teachers stay teachers. If I see them outside of school it's awkward and we have nothing to speak about except my impending initiation into the crazy people who diagnose other crazy people crew. If one of them turned out to be an erotic writer, hell, I probably own one of their books, that's what would make it awkward.("Oh, Ms. so-and-so, was...good, I really liked- ok I'm leaving here's my report kthnxbai ma'am.") This woman who 'exposed' Mays claims that Mays will either be looking at her son, or her son will be thinking of the sex scenes he probably hasn't nor will ever read. The kid actually came to his teachers' defense, no shocker there, ey students!?

For the record Mays is married and has kids apparently older than her students. Also, come to think of it, if you didn't want your apparently easily influenced kid to think about it, why'd you bring it up in the FIRST FRIGGEN PLACE, lady? That insecure?

Interesting how freedom of speech comes to mean freedom of whatever we want you to say. You get no private life. You get no devious, sexual behavior. You get no kinky whatever the hell YOU do in YOUR bedroom in YOUR house that doesn't affect ANYBODY, because we don't like it.

Well the school board gave Ms. Mays an ultimatum*; you can write your books, or you can quit teaching. You can't have both. Like it really matters. You're forcing her to give up something that she loves, there's no way she can win! Reminds me of the people who say gays shouldn't teach kids, they'd be ogling us! I sincerely doubt the lesbian teacher finds a 15 year old straight chick with braces and acne and a bad attitude sexy, but people can be incredibly stupid and incredibly reaching for a reason to be a bigot! Same thing happened with Mays. She wrote sexy stories, she MUST be sexually deviant. A pedophile even, although none of her books or any evidence shows there to be pedophilia. And why would she even want some from your awkward inexperienced kid? Jeesh. Thinking about/wanting Sex=/=pedophilia, woman who is so sexually frustrated she needs to deny to herself that people the world over are having some faaaantabulous smex RIGHT NOW. AS I TYPE. YOUR MIND HAS BEEN BLOWN.

Sickens me, why private lives need to be what parents think your private life should be. Even though it's YOURS. Ya know. Like a boss and all that.

*Ms Mays wasn't fired, the whole thing was dropped because people realized sex in written form is not the devil, AHEM Mrs Apple, aka the person who clued us in...

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Monday, June 27, 2011


Continuing this weeks y'all can suck it theme, I'd like to update. One, me and Pip from al b damned Im-ed. And had a real conversation. I know I'm tooting my own horn here, but what. Do you and a member from your favorite band IM? No. You do not.
Unless your favorite band is Al B Damned.

I also got to see Rock Of Ages with my dad as an early BIRFDAY! present. It was indeed face meltingly awesome. And although the seats weren't near the stage like at CATS, ours were in the balcony. And were bitching.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Suck it People

Just so y'all know, I'm connected. To many famous people. Including Al. B. Damned.
Recently though, I ment Al Franken. THE Al Franken, of SNL and democratic fame. We were in Minnesota, and off of our plane and I WAS OVER IT. OVER IT!
Seriously, I hate traveling with more than one person. If it's 4 other people, I'm apt to commit matricide.
So I was being a grumpy bitch, I mean brat, and just generally growling at strangers when mom was like, 'Ky! It's Al Franken!'
Then I got nice.
What now! I met a senator! Ha ha ha!