Tuesday, May 22, 2012


As many (AKA my close family) know, I do not enjoy school. Sure, this is normal for a 16 year old hormonal girl, but I believe my utter hatred of Shakespeare and of geometry is not. Or maybe it is. Whatever. Despite my loathing of the aforementioned, as well as Biology and...oh let's say the Civil War, I tend to know a lot. About things. Many things. Things I will never ever use again in my life, unless to win on Jeopardy. And even then, it's not things many people are apt to know.... Such as: ~I can tell you that King Henry the 8th had 6 wives. And how each of them ended up. And their names. In order. Fast forward 50 years, I cannot tell you anything about Queen Elizabeth except she liked plays. ~I can tell you the names of each of the most 'prolific' FBI profilers, and their specialties. ~I can tell you the names of each member of my favorite bands and their instrument and their albums in order ~I can tell you all about Lestat and Armand the vampires ~I can list the most famous serial killers in America, and how they killed. ~I can tell you every detail about the Columbine Massacre ~I can quote Oscar Wilde pretty well ~The start of my favorite makeup companies ~How to correctly spell most things ~I can also tell you about a large majority of mental disorders ~The pros and cons of a death penalty ~A large amount of trivia on the presidents ~How to make Gumbo, Shepard's Pie, and Ettouffee What I cannot do: ~How to file taxes ~How to buy a car and not get cheated ~ How to not piss off your parents ~How to not get stressed ~How to do calculus and do it well As you can see, the things I know, don't quite outwigh the things I do not know. But many of those things I don't know, I don't learn in school. (This had a point, really). For example, high school doesn't offer a taxes class, or a social skills class, or how to ass kiss in buisiness, or a self defense class, or smart shopping for 18-23 year old high school graduates. So maybe, just maybe it isn't that I hate Shakespeare. It's that I will never use him and his work again. I have enough nonsensical trivia in my brain, little of it pleasent. Can I get some real info instead of how Othello is a Tragic Hero please?