Sunday, February 14, 2010

Voorhees to the max

So hell-o everyone. This'll be my first blog EVER!

My subject for today will be DRAG QUEENS!
Specifically, RuPaul's Drag Race.
I am in love with this show, even though I myself am not a queen.
The show opens up so many opportunities for Queens across America. So, I'll give my opinion of my most favorite...and MOST HATED Queens this season!

Pandora Boxx
I LOVE LOVE L-O-V-E Pandora Boxx. I knew I would, the second she said she was inspired by Kathy Griffin. She is so beautiful, and so creative. When she's all dolled up, she looks like a woman. That is great of course!

I both love and hate Miss Raven. Her cockiness drives me INSANE, but she is so lovely, and so expierienced. So..kudos Miss Raven.

OH SHANGELA!!! She, after Pandora, was my FAVE! She may not have been the best, but she was so spunky, and clearly, even though she'd been doing drag for only 5 months, was good enough to be on the show.

Tyra Sanchez
I hate her. It's not even a 'love to hate her', I just flat out hate her. She is aggrivating, annoying, and MEAN.

The Asian Queen! I'm rooting for her, because in a way, she reminds me of Ongina, my favorite Queen EVER. So...root for Juju!