Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Official Emote-ing Time

It's been a long hard night. Long. And hard.
I'm exhausted, everything hurts, and I'm hungry.
Why so exhausted?, you say. Why are you hurting?
I had the longest fight with someone I've ever had besides...well...((FAMILY BLOG KODY, THIS IS NOT ABOUT THEN)) I pretty much poured out my heart and soul, begging for a scrap, a shred of dignity that never came.
My emotions are rampant. Right now I can't wait to get home. (Been in Alaska visiting family for the month) I just can't believe I opened up that much.

I've noticed the longer fights are, the more ridiculous they become.

My First Official Blog Post

So, this is my OFFICIAL first blog post because I changed my mind, it's going to be a family blog!
I'd better start from the beginning,
I'm Kody. (Or Ky, to those out there who know the truth) I'm a glamrock superstar- no thats not it. A hair metal rocker queen- close Ok. A Horror movie feind with a taste for the morbid, and a love of guitar.
There we go.
I'm a 1- year old, with an attitude.
I suspect its from my mother, or from the love of Motley Crue, but you can't be sure.
I own a cat, named Jason. No one is surprised, I know.
He is a black and white monster, a spoiled brat with a love of giving me dead mice.
I'm a sister to Liz, Hayley, Gary and Will (Herr Willabus!) respectivley 5, 8, 13 and 7 months. They are annoying, but I do love them so.
I'm a demmy-crat (democrat) but I believe that as long as you can back it up, I'll stand by you.
I like to say I'm a military brat, that and born in Arizona, which are half truths.
I'm not a brat, got spanked too much for that!
I love gothic things, being as that I am one, and cheesy old slasher flicks/Munsters&Addams shows. I love the glamour of the 40's, and if I could, I'd be the new Elvira
But whatever, i'll settle for tattoo-ing.
My passions are my guitar and my music, which is usually tuned to either Al. B. Damned or L.A. Guns. My jacket is leather, my boots are silver. My car is a Honda Shadow motorcycle, my makeup is black. My hair...well....its dyed. And my family? It's complicated.
I'm Kody Thomas. Hair metal rocker fiend!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Odd, isn't it.

Sometimes the right people are right there in front of your nose.
Like my mom's side of the family. Not a divorce, besides my grandmother. They are all great, and kind, and THE KIDS.
there are kids EVERWHERE. Most of them I haven't met!
There's about 10 that I can remember right now, not counting my brother, sister and I.
Yeah. Met 5 of them.
So why the heck is love so hard to find for some people?
Where's my sensitive guy from every horror movie who dies second? I want him! Now!

It's odd I say that, only being 14, but I'm so jaded from horror movies like Nightmare on Elm Street, that I think love in the form of Johnny Depp is just around the corner.
And it may be?
meet RJ.
Sweet, kind, funny, same interests.
He lives in Washington. And is older than me. I'm not inclined to say how old, but he's over 16.

Yeah. why is everything in my life so frickin' hard!?

Anyway, I have 2 reveiws coming up, I'm getting on them tonight. I'm keeping my promise of reviews.

Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th (2009)
woo, suckish remakes