Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My First Official Blog Post

So, this is my OFFICIAL first blog post because I changed my mind, it's going to be a family blog!
I'd better start from the beginning,
I'm Kody. (Or Ky, to those out there who know the truth) I'm a glamrock superstar- no thats not it. A hair metal rocker queen- close Ok. A Horror movie feind with a taste for the morbid, and a love of guitar.
There we go.
I'm a 1- year old, with an attitude.
I suspect its from my mother, or from the love of Motley Crue, but you can't be sure.
I own a cat, named Jason. No one is surprised, I know.
He is a black and white monster, a spoiled brat with a love of giving me dead mice.
I'm a sister to Liz, Hayley, Gary and Will (Herr Willabus!) respectivley 5, 8, 13 and 7 months. They are annoying, but I do love them so.
I'm a demmy-crat (democrat) but I believe that as long as you can back it up, I'll stand by you.
I like to say I'm a military brat, that and born in Arizona, which are half truths.
I'm not a brat, got spanked too much for that!
I love gothic things, being as that I am one, and cheesy old slasher flicks/Munsters&Addams shows. I love the glamour of the 40's, and if I could, I'd be the new Elvira
But whatever, i'll settle for tattoo-ing.
My passions are my guitar and my music, which is usually tuned to either Al. B. Damned or L.A. Guns. My jacket is leather, my boots are silver. My car is a Honda Shadow motorcycle, my makeup is black. My hair...well....its dyed. And my family? It's complicated.
I'm Kody Thomas. Hair metal rocker fiend!

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  1. Nice job on the official start of your blog. I admire people who have the gift to write so descriptive. Thanks for sharing.