Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Pale Ones Take Off

Hello all!

It's me! Back from hiatus. So, I have some exciting news.

Some of you may know I write a script called the Pale Ones. It's about a band and myself living in one big house out in Iowa. It's really funny in a British kind of way. Well, a while back, the drummer for Al B Damned, Pip, took a look at it and proclaimed it 'hilarious'. So that was nice, since the characters were based of ABD. I was happy with that.

And then Joe Crow took a look at it.

Joe Crow. Who you may know as 'the guys she has salivated over for the better part of half a decade'. Well, Joe read it, thought it was hilarious, and I was happy. We became friends, and again, I was happy. But one day, I showed him the new episode. And he fell in love.

With the script, dummy.

And as it turns out, he wants to make The Pale Ones into a webseries! And he doesn't want to change a damn thing about my script!

He wants to PUBLISH it!!


So needless to say, I immediatley agreed and that, my children is my superexcellent news