Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Pale Ones Take Off

Hello all!

It's me! Back from hiatus. So, I have some exciting news.

Some of you may know I write a script called the Pale Ones. It's about a band and myself living in one big house out in Iowa. It's really funny in a British kind of way. Well, a while back, the drummer for Al B Damned, Pip, took a look at it and proclaimed it 'hilarious'. So that was nice, since the characters were based of ABD. I was happy with that.

And then Joe Crow took a look at it.

Joe Crow. Who you may know as 'the guys she has salivated over for the better part of half a decade'. Well, Joe read it, thought it was hilarious, and I was happy. We became friends, and again, I was happy. But one day, I showed him the new episode. And he fell in love.

With the script, dummy.

And as it turns out, he wants to make The Pale Ones into a webseries! And he doesn't want to change a damn thing about my script!

He wants to PUBLISH it!!


So needless to say, I immediatley agreed and that, my children is my superexcellent news

Monday, September 24, 2012

Post about the Cat

As some of you know, I have a cat.

His name is Jason.

And I love him so so much. He's black and white, very fat, and sort of an idiot but I love him just the same.

I got him 4 years ago when I was 13 and going through some major crap. I was sort of a brat, and hating myself and fighting with my mom, but tiny Jason (he was so small back then) was always there. He used to claw the crap out of my hands and lick my ears. He thought I was great even when others didn't Even as an outdoor cat, his favorite place to sleep is wherever I have been recently, like this summer when I stayed in my sisters room. Jason would sleep on my bed, or come in while I was sleeping to cuddle with me.

I can remember the first time he brought me a mouse. I appreciate the gesture, Jase, but I don't eat mice. Bad for my digestion. I can also remember when I taught him to kiss. I used to kiss him on his muzzle, one day I leaned in to pet him, and he bumped his nose against my mouth. It was the sweetest thing ever. Even now, he's still the most affectionate towards me, I think.

He's been there for William's birth, for Tony's birth, for those times when I couldn't stop crying and needed a fuzzy pillow to cuddle with

So here we are 4 years later, me in college high school in Las Vegas, he's with my mom in Colorado.
And I miss him so much.

I love you, dumbass. Please don't get mad when I bring home a Freddy for you to play with.

                                          Here he is when we first brought him home. He's so fuzzy and cute

                                                 That's William's 'Fort'. Jason likes to sleep on the top

                                           Jason and Will as a baby
                                                   Yes, he does sleep in the dogs bed, why do you ask?
                                                  We love you!!!

Story Playlist/Theme Songs

In case you wondered, this is what I listen to while I'm writing

Dude looks like a lady-Aerosmith
Somewhere around nothing-Apocalyptica
End Of Me-Apocalyptica
Not Strong Enough-Apocalyptica
Reprobate Romance-Blacklisted Me
Crazy Bitch-Buckcherry
Welcome To The Jungle-Guns 'N Roses
I Get Off-Halestorm
Get Stoned-Hinder
Get It Faster-Jimmy Eat World
Trip The Darkness-Lacuna Coil
Sweet Dreams-Marilyn Manson
Personal Jesus-Marilyn Manson
Beautiful People-Marilyn Manson
Wonderland-Natalia Kills
Zombie-Natalia Kills
Mirrors-Natalia Kills
Acid Annie-Natalia Kills
Not In Love-Natalia Kills
Mirrors (Sketch iz Dead remix) -Natalia Kills
Dragula-Rob Zombie
Living Dead Girl-Rob Zombie
Spookshow Baby-Rob Zombie
Feel So Numb-Rob Zombie
Foxy Foxy-Rob Zombie
Superbeast-Rob Zombie
If You Really Really Love Me-Steel Panther
Your Name-Tricky
Wash My Soul-Tricky
Hell Is Around The Corner-Tricky
More Human Than Human-White Zombie
Pussy Liquor-Rob Zombie
House of 1000 Corpses-Rob Zombie
If Only She Knew Voodoo Like I Do-Get Scared
Blacklisted Me-Blacklisted Me
Get Well-Icon For Hire
Make A Move-Icon For Hire
Damage-Fit For Rivals

Do any of my characters have theme songs?
IAN: Not Strong Enough-Apocalyptica
ADRIAN: If Only She Knew Voodoo Like I Do-Get Scared
SPENCER: Your Name-Tricky
DAISY: Bitch-Meredith Brooks
XANDER: Back in Black-AC/DC
ERICH: The Song Remains The Same-Led Zeppelin

Sunday, September 23, 2012

NUMERO CINCO (Spencer/Daisy/Ian)

"I can't believe you did that."

"Did what?" Spencer whirled to face his brother.

"You gave your number to that guy. Ian."

"No I didn't."

Adrian sighed, crossing his arms. "And...I can't believe you didn't tell me."

Spencer's eyes glinted as he also crossed his arms. "Tell you what? That I'm actually confident? Adrian, puh-lease."

Adrian shook his head. " didn't tell me guys."

As his heart stopped, Spencer found that he could no longer breathe. True, it was a bold move giving Ian his number, but...c'mon.

"I don't."


"I don't like guys, Adrian!" He turned to march away, but was stopped by Adrian pulling him close.

"Little brother, you don't have to lie to me. It's ok."

Spencer's dam broke just then. He relaxed a tiny bit, and sighed deeply. "Don't tell anyone...ok Dria?" he whispered, using his childhood name for his brother, because Adrian had been far too big a word for him long ago.

They broke apart, and Adrian held out his pinky. "I won't, Spence."

They locked pinkies for a moment, and continued their walk.


Daisy Windstalker was sexy and she knew it. As she strutted down the street, her older brother Xander following a few steps behind. They were late to that stupid school's orientation but it was worth it to look this damn good.

Her hair? Perfectly wavy and beachy. Her eyes? Smoky and sexy. Her outfit? Sultry and unique.

Sexy and she knew it.

So of course, her confidence level was up as she noticed a pair of men talking by a street lamp. One of them, the one with super long hair and glasses, well, he wasn't her type, but the one who looked like he stepped out of GQ? Perfect.

Xander caught up with her then, breathing hard from chasing after her for blocks. "Daisy...for real? Stop walking so fast....Jeez." He noticed what she was looking at and groaned. "Not again..."


Ian kept turning the slip of paper over and over, nodding as Erich babbled on about some new band. Normally he'd tell Erich to shut up, but...

Erich punched him in the arm. "Hey. Hottie over there." He pointed at some girl wearing one of those leather bandage dresses. A man of similar good looks stood by her.

"The boy or the girl?" Ian drawled, flipping the paper one more time.

"The girl, dumbass."

Ian sighed. "Fetch, boy."

Saturday, September 22, 2012


The night was cold, but for Ian it was just right. He leaned against a tree in much the same pose Spencer had sketched him in earlier. His hair blew gently in the wind. It was perfect, except for-

Erich nudged Ian gently. "Hey. They left."

Ian coughed. "And you reek of pot, my dearest brother. Please, stay at least five paces behind me." With that, he set off silently after the two siblings

Erich rolled his eyes. Who the hell says 'paces' anymore anyway? But he loped after Ian anyway, lighting up his cigarette.

Spencer and Adrian walked along towards Whitechapel, unaware that two creatures of the night followed silently behind.

Perhaps Erich was right. The little artist looks familiar. It's a coincidence. That is all. Silently cursing his brother for even allowing him to even entertain such notions, he halted.

"Danger?" Erich whispered excitedly, sniffing the air.

"No. Just thinking. How should we approach this? How shall we even dare to, even presume to meddle in their affairs."

"Seriously bro. You are stuck in the 18th century."

"My finest century. After all, I was alive then."

Erich shook his head. "Stop dwelling on that. Look, are we protecting them or not? I have better things to do."

"By that of course you mean my housemaid." Ian sighed the long suffering sigh of one who had put up with this before. "We must take a roundabout way."

"Because you're way too proper. Let me handle this." With that, Erich stalked out of the shadows and directly into the pair's path.

Ian nearly choked, rushing after his brother to drag him back-

"Ian?" Spencer asked, grabbing his brothers arm.

This must be the poet, Ian thought. The two looked alike, though they were like light gold and copper. And the poet boy...Adrian...dwarfed his younger brother by 7 inches.

"Ah. Yes-" Ian began.

"Hey. Whats up. My names Erich, you must be Spencer. Listen, you can't go to Whitechaple. Not tonight. There's some bad juju going on right now and-"

"Could you be bothered to speak correctly, brother?!" Ian hissed, yanking Erich over to him. "Please. Ignore my brother he is a drunken vagrant. Carry on." As he turned to go, Spencer ripped free of Adrian and grasped Ian's arm.

"Hey." he smiled.

Ian paused, not sure how to proceed. "Um. Yes. Hello."

Spencer reached into his jacket pocket, and placed a piece of paper in Ian's hand. "Nothing. Carry on." He winked so fast Ian thought he must have imagined it and walked back over to Adrian.

Ian couldn't breathe.

Erich was right. As always.


Adrian stared at Spencer. " think you met a vampire?"

Spencer nodded, running his hand through his hair, shades darker than Adrian's own gold. His eyes were darker than Adrian's as well, but they could be twins.

That and Adrian's being 6'4".

Spencer sighed. "I think. I'm not for sure on it. He was just...his eyes..." he gestured helplessly.

Adrian nodded thoughtfully. "Well, you said he left. I'll holy water the doors and set up my altar-"

"Not that witchy crap again..." Spencer moaned.

"Shut up, Spence. If it helps us I'm going to do it. Vampires are weird and he might be stalking you for all we know. So I'm going to holy water the door, simple as that."

He turned and stalked over to the hotel bathroom, mind racing. A vampire? No. No way. They're myths, I don't care what mom says. But...what if he's right? Opening up his bag, he pulled out a jar of crystal clear water and proceeded to douse the hotel door.


Erich watched as his brother paced the room, musing over things that really shouldn't matter.

"For the last time, bro. He must have been confused."

"I doubt he was. Liam is a reliable resource."

"He's also your ex." Erich flicked a bit of ash from his cigarette onto the carpet, knowing it would irritate his stick up the ass brother. "I highly doubt he's THE most reliable source we have on staff."

Ian glared. "Stop flicking your ash on my carpet. It's from Italy." He resumed pacing. "If he's right, which I believe he is, the little artist may be in danger."

"He's the little artist now? What are you, Lestat come to life?" as Ian watched, Erich calmly flicked more ash onto the carpet.

"No, and stop doing that or I will cut your arm off and feed it to my cat. I'm simply concerned. He seemed rather familiar and I would not like him to die."

"Because you like him. Told ya so." Erich snorted, dropping his cigarette onto the floor and stamping it out with his bare foot. "I'm going to go find some-"

"You are not going to smoke pot in my house, brother. Bothers the bats."

"I'll smoke it outside. Just chill."


Adrian breathed in the scent of lavender. It permeated the air around him, wafting from the candle he held as he prepared to petition his guardian lwa for help. A most unusual way of summoning a spirit but it worked for him. He breathed in again.

"It's not going to help Adrian! He isn't in a good mood. I just know, ok? We have to go to the orientation."

Adrian glared at Spencer. "You want to be drained of all your blood?"

"I'll wear my rosary. Can we please go."

"You better wear your saint bracelet too or I will strangle you."

Adrian blew out the candle and stood.

"Are you wearing that?"

"What?" Adrian looked down at his clothes. They seemed alright.

"Jesus. I'm glad I brought this." Spencer rummaged around in his suitcase and pulled out a pair of darkwash jeans. "Put these on. White button up, DO NOT tuck it in."



Ian nodded, taking in the boys profile as he described his older brother. Spencer's hair was like a bronzed gold, long, not too long, at that pleasent length Ian adored on men. His eyes were the deep gray of a stormy sky, and his skin...


Ian looked away. Impolite to stare, he thought. If he stared to long, he'd get hungry and if he got hungry he'd seduce the poor boy and that was the height of impoliteness.

Spencer had finished talking, and was busy scribbling, a faint blush coming over his cheeks.

Aha. I knew it.

Ian smiled to himself, and touched Spencer's arm, just very slightly. The boy jumped a tiny bit.

"You seem tense. Would you..." Ian paused here, knowing this would have to be handled delicately. "Would you accompany me to the pub? It's right over there." here he pointed at The Lion's Head, just across the street.

"I uh....I should go get my brother." Ian marveled at how Spencer's voice, that accent, seemed to deepen with his nervousness. "He's going to flip if he can't find me soon. And I would prefer not to have to fight with him." Spencer stood, as did Ian, and they faced eachother.

Light and dark.

"Nice to meet you, Spencer. Enjoy your trip to London, and I sincerely hope you get into that school. Such a talent should not be wasted." He managed to refrain from kissing the boys hand, but only just. Spencer stammered out something similar, and raced off, undoubtedly to find his poet brother.

Ian walked the opposite way, humming quietly to himself until he reached a darkened alley, occupied by one very impatient werewolf.



"You didn't have to wait."


The pair glared at eachother, as opposite as a pair could be that looked so much alike. Erich's coffee brown hair flowed down his back, and he wore lenseless glasses. His clothing was not straight out of Vogue, like Ian's but was instead frayed, ripped, dirty.

In short, a hippie and a gentleman stared at eachother.

Ian casually tapped out a clove cigarette from his pack, lighting it with his zippo. "Brother," he started, "I do not know why you continue to follow me as if a lost puppy dog. It is most unbecoming, but then again, you are just a pup."

Erich growled, used to this sort of remark. "Bloodsucker."

"Mangy beast."


Glaring ensued.

Ian exhaled a cloud of fragrant smoke, leaning against the wall. "What did you see?"

"You mooning over some poor bastard."

"Remarkably acute, aren't you."

"I try."

"Worry no more about the human. He's of no concern."

Erich rolled his eyes. He'd heard this before too. "Like the one before him? And the one before that? Come to think of it he looks-"

His speech was cut short by Ian grasping him by the throat and very calmly slamming him into the opposite wall.

"I wouldn't discuss that anymore, if I were you, or I might have to disembowel my very own brother. And I do hate to get entrails on my suit." He released Erich, and very calmly walked back down the street, clouds of clove smoke following him.

Erich groaned and trotted after him.



Spencer sat on the steps, staring at a man. Not staring, more like analyzing, and then transferring to the large sketch pad he carried with himself at all times.

He'd managed to shrug Adrian off (At last, he thought with a sigh) and had found a quiet corner to sketch in. And he'd found this man.

A classic beauty, this man was, with chocolate brown hair just long enough to brush his collar, carelessly windblown. He stood there, smoking a cigarette, leaning against a tree, looking for all the world like a rogue model escaped from it's handlers.

Spencer eyed the man, taking in the shape -eyes, nose, profile, everything- and deftly sketching out. He'd always been talented in art, and today's sketch was no exception to the rule. It somehow, in a few wide strokes, managed to capture the very essence of the man. It was quite extraordinary.

Nose...sharper. Lashes...longer...he thought, watching as the man ran his fingers through that tousled hair. He was in the zone, that perfect place in which nothing is out of reach.

At least until the man looked up from his cigarette, looking directly at Spencer.

Shit! Spencer thought, tearing his eyes away. He'd been caught staring. Every single time this happened, he got in huge trouble, with both the staree and Adrian.

Shit, shit, shit. 

Scrambling, he stood up, almost dropping his pencil. In the hurry, he hardly noticed the man had walked up to him, and was waiting patiently for Spencer to notice.

Which he did, almost dropping his pencil again.

"Hello," the stranger said, smiling a little. His accent was British upper crust, refined, elegant.

"Hey," Spencer squeaked, bracing for impact. His accent was pronounced. Awkward. AMERICAN. 3...2...1...

"Hey," the man mused. "So American. I must say I expected you to be French. You certainly look it." He held out his hand. "I'm Ian. Ian Carton. You are...?"

"Spencer Reed," Spencer squeaked again, taking Ian's hand. It was soft, warm, dry...a perfect hand in both shape and feel.

"Hello Spencer. You aren't from around here are you?"

"N-not really."

"I thought not. Most Brits don't ever stare at someone for longer than three seconds. Not that I mind, as I see you are sketching. May I see?"

Seeing no way out of it, Spencer sheepishly handed it over. Ian studied it, his deep black eyes thoughtful, and discerning. Soon, he looked at Spencer again.

"You drew this. Just now. In perhaps 20 minutes, no more."

"Well yeah. It's sort of what I do."

"This's exquisite! Remarkable! You have such talent," Ian handed the sketch over. "I insist upon joining you. Really."

"Yeah! I mean sure, that's cool."

They sat again on the cold stone steps. Ian studied Spencer's face.

"So where are you from?"

"New Orleans," Spencer said, just realizing he had an accent too. A Southern one. Oh lord. "My brother and I got asked to come here, to London for a chance at this scholarship, for a school of the arts. Super prestigious."

"I can see why. Is your brother this talented?"

"Adrian? Not at drawing. He's good at poetry. Writing. Things like that. He's kind of...I dunno, romantic? So he just about lost it when he found out we had to come here."

Ian nodded thoughtfully.


Character Personalitites

Thought I'd give you a quickie personality show on my characters. Enjoy!

ADRIAN- Reserved and quiet, he's the eldest, but he has deep emotions hidden inside. As such, he is prone to angry outbursts of feeling which he pours into his writing. He only wants to protect SPENCER from the evil underbelly, forgetting that SPENCER is an adult now. His writing leaves him with rather romantic idealizations of life, and he wistfully wishes for simpler times. ADRIAN loves practicing magick, which gives him this strange sense of power and hope. He can be a bit overprotective, but he's also the practical one, wanting to sit back and look at the situation.

SPENCER- Spencer is a comedian, but he has a deep innocent streak, willing to see the good in people, but way down inside he knows there's a darkness in some. He's never had much interest in magick, especially voodoo, so he tends to fight with his hands....that is, if he ever fights. He's a free spirit, willing to take off and draw whenever and wherever the mood strikes him. He loves ADRIAN, but hates always being tethered to him. It's not like he's dying! He's a bit more practical than he'd have people think, a lot like ADRIAN. SPENCER is hiding a huge secret, though it really isn't that huge to anyone but him.

DAISY- The ultimate girly girl. DAISY has always been the popular girl others envied, and men adored. She's used to the good life, and can't stand it when the attention isn't on her. Despite that, she has a charitable side, and cannot walk past a homeless man without trying to help. She's also talented in music, but has never really nurtured the skill. She's two minutes younger than XANDER, leaving them with a tendency to fight amongst themselves, though she knows she'd be lost without him.

XANDER- He's the ultimate strong and silent type, makes all the ladies swoon. He's like a backbone, willing to support but also step in and defend. He's also way smarter than people would think, talented in math, science and physics, though he'd never ever admit it out loud. He cares for DAISY a lot, though she can be a pain in the ass for him, what with the nails and the clothes and the hair. Though he's a pretty boy, and he knows it, his is the effortless beauty, shower dry and go.

IAN- The perfect gentleman, IAN is practically the definition of British, save for the bad teeth and cockney accent. He's cultured, well educated in the arts, the sciences, all of it. And he's a vampire. Been around for 176 years. He loves all things beautiful, and he is beautiful himself. Once he had topaz colored eyes, but they faded to black as the change overcame him. He's seen loss, especially a loved one, time after time. He continues to chase after this soul, but cannot seem to cling onto it.


I want to write a story. About voodoo and magic and demon marks

Alright, I plan to make this story into an actual....story not just me and Twin's mnt dew fueled imaginations. So here are my new characters. Plot and other things soon to follow

Adrian is the eldest of all of the group, as well as the tallest and most talented in voodoo/witchcraft like his mother. He's supposed to look like Tomek Szczkiecki and Boyd Holbrook, meaning he has blonde hair, pale skin and light gray eyes. He's easily the most emotional and yet the most sarcastic. He's a cynic, but is gifted in writing, especially poetry. He's 22 years old

Spencer is Adrian's younger brother by two years. He's the shortest guy in the group, but he makes up for it. He has been trained in witchcraft but prefers to fight with his hands instead. He's also a blonde, looking like Jamie Campbell Bower. He's the fun loving one, always ready to turn anything into a joke, but he has an innocent and romantic side to it. He's gifted in art. He's 20 years old

Daisy is a twin. She's a few months younger than Adrian, and considers herself the fashionista of the group. She's a super girly girl, slightly full of herself. She looks like Emma Stone with brown hair. She's never been formally trained in any type of magic, has never even been in a fight. But she's scrappy and tough. Her talent is music. She's 22.

Xander is Daisy's twin brother. He's a lady killer, and works out. He isn't vain, just practical and honest. Of the four of them, he and Daisy are more likely to be noticed, as they are very attractive. He looks like Jensen Ackles with dark brown hair and eyes. His talent, surprisingly is math and science. He's the solid member of the group, the backbone. He's 22

Ian, to be plain, is a vampire. He keeps losing the people he loves, especially one person, over and over. He's a gentleman to the core, and 176 years old. He comes from England, but keeps houses all over the world. He's obsessed with beautiful things, be it poetry, art, anything. He lives in opulent historic houses and controls one of the largest vampire networks in the western hemisphere. Though a vampire, he refuses to hurt anyone, and only ever drinks what he needs. Much like Lestat, he dresses in finery from other decades.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Autumn Glow makeup

I like makeup tutorials so you must deal with this.

1. Apply a light coverage foundation and powder

2. Prime lids with concealer or primer

3. Apply a rusty gold eyeshadow all over lid. Pat bronzey color into the outer v of the lid, and apply a sheer gold all over

4. Line with black or dark brown eyeliner, in both water line and lash line

5. apply a lengthining mascara to both upper and lower lashes

6. Use a plummy blush on apples of the cheeks

7. Highlight both browbone and cheekbones with a glowy highlighter or cream eyeshadow

8. Use a plummy/brown toned pink (I used Cathedral by KVD)

Done! Glowy for autumn!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Asylum Girl Makeup Tutorial

I got bored. So, here you go. Asylum girl makeup. I wore this to my audition to Asylum/Hotel Fear haunted houses. More on that later.

Step 1: Whiten your skin with a light, full coverage foundation. You can also use childs Halloween face paint.

Step 2: powder it down, for a ghostly appearance.

Step 3: mix a matte beige and deep brown eyeshadow and apply it to the ball of your lid and under the eye. Blend it around the edges. You want to look very tired.

Step 4: apply this mix to under your cheekbones, at a slant, to look hollowed out. Blend this a lot.

Step 5: pale down your lips with either a foundation or a nude lipstick

Step 6: line both your waterline and lash line with the dark brown eyeshadow. Apply mascara

Mess up your hair if you desire a crazed look.

And you're done! You want to look sleepy or starving. Wear a white dress for authenticity.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

A new Birthday list

We all knew this was coming. I knew, you knew, hell, even God knew. So here it is, the birthday list for this year. I know I've posted like 50 of these but this time, I mean it. Let's get started
 ~LA Ink seasons 1-7
~Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper
~Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick in Coral Castle/Prayer/Agatha
~Kat Von D Foiled Love Lipstick in Forever and Never/Oh My Goth
~Criminal Minds Seasons 1-5
~Friday the 13th parts 1-4
~A Nightmare On Elm Street 2010 version
 ~ Kat Von D Ludwig/Saint/Beethoven/Sinner Palette
~ Kat Von D Adora/Sinner perfume
~Illamasqua Sheer Lipgloss in Intimacy/Torture/Artifice
~Benefit Cosmetics the Pore-fessional
~Urban Decay eye primer in Sin/Eden/Greed/Original
~Katy Perry Meow/Purr Perfume
~Vera Wang Rock Princess/Princess Night perfume
~ Tom Ford Amber Absolute (Much like Illamasqua's Freak, it's a little dream I have.)
~Impulse Incense perfume
~Dior Hypnotic Poison perfume

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


As many (AKA my close family) know, I do not enjoy school. Sure, this is normal for a 16 year old hormonal girl, but I believe my utter hatred of Shakespeare and of geometry is not. Or maybe it is. Whatever. Despite my loathing of the aforementioned, as well as Biology and...oh let's say the Civil War, I tend to know a lot. About things. Many things. Things I will never ever use again in my life, unless to win on Jeopardy. And even then, it's not things many people are apt to know.... Such as: ~I can tell you that King Henry the 8th had 6 wives. And how each of them ended up. And their names. In order. Fast forward 50 years, I cannot tell you anything about Queen Elizabeth except she liked plays. ~I can tell you the names of each of the most 'prolific' FBI profilers, and their specialties. ~I can tell you the names of each member of my favorite bands and their instrument and their albums in order ~I can tell you all about Lestat and Armand the vampires ~I can list the most famous serial killers in America, and how they killed. ~I can tell you every detail about the Columbine Massacre ~I can quote Oscar Wilde pretty well ~The start of my favorite makeup companies ~How to correctly spell most things ~I can also tell you about a large majority of mental disorders ~The pros and cons of a death penalty ~A large amount of trivia on the presidents ~How to make Gumbo, Shepard's Pie, and Ettouffee What I cannot do: ~How to file taxes ~How to buy a car and not get cheated ~ How to not piss off your parents ~How to not get stressed ~How to do calculus and do it well As you can see, the things I know, don't quite outwigh the things I do not know. But many of those things I don't know, I don't learn in school. (This had a point, really). For example, high school doesn't offer a taxes class, or a social skills class, or how to ass kiss in buisiness, or a self defense class, or smart shopping for 18-23 year old high school graduates. So maybe, just maybe it isn't that I hate Shakespeare. It's that I will never use him and his work again. I have enough nonsensical trivia in my brain, little of it pleasent. Can I get some real info instead of how Othello is a Tragic Hero please?