Saturday, September 22, 2012

Character Personalitites

Thought I'd give you a quickie personality show on my characters. Enjoy!

ADRIAN- Reserved and quiet, he's the eldest, but he has deep emotions hidden inside. As such, he is prone to angry outbursts of feeling which he pours into his writing. He only wants to protect SPENCER from the evil underbelly, forgetting that SPENCER is an adult now. His writing leaves him with rather romantic idealizations of life, and he wistfully wishes for simpler times. ADRIAN loves practicing magick, which gives him this strange sense of power and hope. He can be a bit overprotective, but he's also the practical one, wanting to sit back and look at the situation.

SPENCER- Spencer is a comedian, but he has a deep innocent streak, willing to see the good in people, but way down inside he knows there's a darkness in some. He's never had much interest in magick, especially voodoo, so he tends to fight with his hands....that is, if he ever fights. He's a free spirit, willing to take off and draw whenever and wherever the mood strikes him. He loves ADRIAN, but hates always being tethered to him. It's not like he's dying! He's a bit more practical than he'd have people think, a lot like ADRIAN. SPENCER is hiding a huge secret, though it really isn't that huge to anyone but him.

DAISY- The ultimate girly girl. DAISY has always been the popular girl others envied, and men adored. She's used to the good life, and can't stand it when the attention isn't on her. Despite that, she has a charitable side, and cannot walk past a homeless man without trying to help. She's also talented in music, but has never really nurtured the skill. She's two minutes younger than XANDER, leaving them with a tendency to fight amongst themselves, though she knows she'd be lost without him.

XANDER- He's the ultimate strong and silent type, makes all the ladies swoon. He's like a backbone, willing to support but also step in and defend. He's also way smarter than people would think, talented in math, science and physics, though he'd never ever admit it out loud. He cares for DAISY a lot, though she can be a pain in the ass for him, what with the nails and the clothes and the hair. Though he's a pretty boy, and he knows it, his is the effortless beauty, shower dry and go.

IAN- The perfect gentleman, IAN is practically the definition of British, save for the bad teeth and cockney accent. He's cultured, well educated in the arts, the sciences, all of it. And he's a vampire. Been around for 176 years. He loves all things beautiful, and he is beautiful himself. Once he had topaz colored eyes, but they faded to black as the change overcame him. He's seen loss, especially a loved one, time after time. He continues to chase after this soul, but cannot seem to cling onto it.

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