Sunday, September 23, 2012

NUMERO CINCO (Spencer/Daisy/Ian)

"I can't believe you did that."

"Did what?" Spencer whirled to face his brother.

"You gave your number to that guy. Ian."

"No I didn't."

Adrian sighed, crossing his arms. "And...I can't believe you didn't tell me."

Spencer's eyes glinted as he also crossed his arms. "Tell you what? That I'm actually confident? Adrian, puh-lease."

Adrian shook his head. " didn't tell me guys."

As his heart stopped, Spencer found that he could no longer breathe. True, it was a bold move giving Ian his number, but...c'mon.

"I don't."


"I don't like guys, Adrian!" He turned to march away, but was stopped by Adrian pulling him close.

"Little brother, you don't have to lie to me. It's ok."

Spencer's dam broke just then. He relaxed a tiny bit, and sighed deeply. "Don't tell anyone...ok Dria?" he whispered, using his childhood name for his brother, because Adrian had been far too big a word for him long ago.

They broke apart, and Adrian held out his pinky. "I won't, Spence."

They locked pinkies for a moment, and continued their walk.


Daisy Windstalker was sexy and she knew it. As she strutted down the street, her older brother Xander following a few steps behind. They were late to that stupid school's orientation but it was worth it to look this damn good.

Her hair? Perfectly wavy and beachy. Her eyes? Smoky and sexy. Her outfit? Sultry and unique.

Sexy and she knew it.

So of course, her confidence level was up as she noticed a pair of men talking by a street lamp. One of them, the one with super long hair and glasses, well, he wasn't her type, but the one who looked like he stepped out of GQ? Perfect.

Xander caught up with her then, breathing hard from chasing after her for blocks. "Daisy...for real? Stop walking so fast....Jeez." He noticed what she was looking at and groaned. "Not again..."


Ian kept turning the slip of paper over and over, nodding as Erich babbled on about some new band. Normally he'd tell Erich to shut up, but...

Erich punched him in the arm. "Hey. Hottie over there." He pointed at some girl wearing one of those leather bandage dresses. A man of similar good looks stood by her.

"The boy or the girl?" Ian drawled, flipping the paper one more time.

"The girl, dumbass."

Ian sighed. "Fetch, boy."

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