Saturday, September 22, 2012


Adrian stared at Spencer. " think you met a vampire?"

Spencer nodded, running his hand through his hair, shades darker than Adrian's own gold. His eyes were darker than Adrian's as well, but they could be twins.

That and Adrian's being 6'4".

Spencer sighed. "I think. I'm not for sure on it. He was just...his eyes..." he gestured helplessly.

Adrian nodded thoughtfully. "Well, you said he left. I'll holy water the doors and set up my altar-"

"Not that witchy crap again..." Spencer moaned.

"Shut up, Spence. If it helps us I'm going to do it. Vampires are weird and he might be stalking you for all we know. So I'm going to holy water the door, simple as that."

He turned and stalked over to the hotel bathroom, mind racing. A vampire? No. No way. They're myths, I don't care what mom says. But...what if he's right? Opening up his bag, he pulled out a jar of crystal clear water and proceeded to douse the hotel door.


Erich watched as his brother paced the room, musing over things that really shouldn't matter.

"For the last time, bro. He must have been confused."

"I doubt he was. Liam is a reliable resource."

"He's also your ex." Erich flicked a bit of ash from his cigarette onto the carpet, knowing it would irritate his stick up the ass brother. "I highly doubt he's THE most reliable source we have on staff."

Ian glared. "Stop flicking your ash on my carpet. It's from Italy." He resumed pacing. "If he's right, which I believe he is, the little artist may be in danger."

"He's the little artist now? What are you, Lestat come to life?" as Ian watched, Erich calmly flicked more ash onto the carpet.

"No, and stop doing that or I will cut your arm off and feed it to my cat. I'm simply concerned. He seemed rather familiar and I would not like him to die."

"Because you like him. Told ya so." Erich snorted, dropping his cigarette onto the floor and stamping it out with his bare foot. "I'm going to go find some-"

"You are not going to smoke pot in my house, brother. Bothers the bats."

"I'll smoke it outside. Just chill."


Adrian breathed in the scent of lavender. It permeated the air around him, wafting from the candle he held as he prepared to petition his guardian lwa for help. A most unusual way of summoning a spirit but it worked for him. He breathed in again.

"It's not going to help Adrian! He isn't in a good mood. I just know, ok? We have to go to the orientation."

Adrian glared at Spencer. "You want to be drained of all your blood?"

"I'll wear my rosary. Can we please go."

"You better wear your saint bracelet too or I will strangle you."

Adrian blew out the candle and stood.

"Are you wearing that?"

"What?" Adrian looked down at his clothes. They seemed alright.

"Jesus. I'm glad I brought this." Spencer rummaged around in his suitcase and pulled out a pair of darkwash jeans. "Put these on. White button up, DO NOT tuck it in."


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