Friday, September 14, 2012

Asylum Girl Makeup Tutorial

I got bored. So, here you go. Asylum girl makeup. I wore this to my audition to Asylum/Hotel Fear haunted houses. More on that later.

Step 1: Whiten your skin with a light, full coverage foundation. You can also use childs Halloween face paint.

Step 2: powder it down, for a ghostly appearance.

Step 3: mix a matte beige and deep brown eyeshadow and apply it to the ball of your lid and under the eye. Blend it around the edges. You want to look very tired.

Step 4: apply this mix to under your cheekbones, at a slant, to look hollowed out. Blend this a lot.

Step 5: pale down your lips with either a foundation or a nude lipstick

Step 6: line both your waterline and lash line with the dark brown eyeshadow. Apply mascara

Mess up your hair if you desire a crazed look.

And you're done! You want to look sleepy or starving. Wear a white dress for authenticity.

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