Saturday, September 22, 2012


I want to write a story. About voodoo and magic and demon marks

Alright, I plan to make this story into an actual....story not just me and Twin's mnt dew fueled imaginations. So here are my new characters. Plot and other things soon to follow

Adrian is the eldest of all of the group, as well as the tallest and most talented in voodoo/witchcraft like his mother. He's supposed to look like Tomek Szczkiecki and Boyd Holbrook, meaning he has blonde hair, pale skin and light gray eyes. He's easily the most emotional and yet the most sarcastic. He's a cynic, but is gifted in writing, especially poetry. He's 22 years old

Spencer is Adrian's younger brother by two years. He's the shortest guy in the group, but he makes up for it. He has been trained in witchcraft but prefers to fight with his hands instead. He's also a blonde, looking like Jamie Campbell Bower. He's the fun loving one, always ready to turn anything into a joke, but he has an innocent and romantic side to it. He's gifted in art. He's 20 years old

Daisy is a twin. She's a few months younger than Adrian, and considers herself the fashionista of the group. She's a super girly girl, slightly full of herself. She looks like Emma Stone with brown hair. She's never been formally trained in any type of magic, has never even been in a fight. But she's scrappy and tough. Her talent is music. She's 22.

Xander is Daisy's twin brother. He's a lady killer, and works out. He isn't vain, just practical and honest. Of the four of them, he and Daisy are more likely to be noticed, as they are very attractive. He looks like Jensen Ackles with dark brown hair and eyes. His talent, surprisingly is math and science. He's the solid member of the group, the backbone. He's 22

Ian, to be plain, is a vampire. He keeps losing the people he loves, especially one person, over and over. He's a gentleman to the core, and 176 years old. He comes from England, but keeps houses all over the world. He's obsessed with beautiful things, be it poetry, art, anything. He lives in opulent historic houses and controls one of the largest vampire networks in the western hemisphere. Though a vampire, he refuses to hurt anyone, and only ever drinks what he needs. Much like Lestat, he dresses in finery from other decades.

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