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Kat Von D Makeup Reviews

Just for fun, I'm going to review the Kat Von D items I own and use.
Most of Miss Kat's items are hit or miss for me...everytime I order I lose a bit of my soul I hate her THAT FRIGGIN MUCH. However, the woman knows makeup. Just look at her. You don't wear that much eyeshadow and not know anything about makeup.

She gets great reviews on her eyeshadows and lipsticks, and for the most part I tend to agree. Again, some can be hit or miss, and I can't be a great source because my lids and face get very oily. This is what science calls a variable.

Just for background, I own all her perfumes and they're all ah-mazing. Except for Poetica, the purple one. That one is very floral so it's only a 'good' in my book. I got Saint And Sinner when they first came out. I was 13. So yes, I did have vague knowledge of the Sephora Kat Von D line. Then I got a Sephora giftcard, bought her makeup, and...well.

Of all her products I own: Poetica/Saint/Sinner/Angeles Eyeshadow Palettes, Hustler/Party Animal/Stormy/Gunshine/Retox/Sexer Lightning Sheer lipgloss,High Voltage Eyeshadow Primer in Skin and the Lock 'N Load Makeup setting mist.

Let's get to it shall we?

First, eyeshadows. I don't have the swatches right now, but they are on my facebook.
As for why I'm providing two definitions? Well, In person and on the skin, they look nothing like they do online. Especially the Saint palette.


I sort of love this palette, sort of not. The colors(With sephora descriptions in italics, mine in regular), left to right are:
Venus(Shimmer bronze/Golden bronze copper), Leather (Matte Dark Chocolate Brown/Orange based matte brown), Specimen (Pearly Medium Brown/True beige), Rehab (Pearly Beige/Creamy light beige), Peggy (Pearly Turquoise/Jyrki 69's eye color), Bukowski (Pearly Aqua/Shimmer Turquoise), Bellbottom (Pearly Slate Blue/Shimmer denim), and Morphine (Cream White/Worthless crap white)

So, what's wrong with this palette? Not a whole lot, actually. The brushes that come with are worthless, and the cream eyeshadow, as it is in ALL Kat Von D palettes is crap. My only problem, not even with this palette in particular is that her shades are VERY shimmery. Too shimmery, at times. And her browns and grays, if you blend too much, can end up being orange and blue. Yes, I'm serious.

But this palette is not bad, even with the shocking blues. The blues are very blendable, and nice for a pop of color. The browns are very subtle and wearable.

Except for Venus. Venus is not a color for very fair women like me. It ends up not being a nice color, way too dark and...copper. It is just not a good look.

My favorite color is Rehab. It's a nice skintone, and looks very cute. I wear it daily, as a matter of fact, for a little shimmer on my lids.

Overall, 3.5 out of 5 stars!


The ultimate goth girl's palette. This is THE dark palette, and not a very wearable one.
Again, colors, left to right:
Disco Dust (pearlized soft pink/shimmery baby pink), Linzy-Jane (iridescent purple/Light purple), Ace of Spades (burgundy w/ purple sparkle/Dark purple with purple and silver sparkles), Violator (smoky purple w/ purple sparkle/gray-purple with silver and purple sparkles), Holy Bible (pearlized silver/Silver tinged shimmery white), Glock (pearlized gun metal/blue-gray), Dorian Gray (pearlized charcoal gray/darker blue gray), Lucifer (matte black).

With these next 3 palettes, they all come with a mini eyeliner, which isn't worthless, but isn't exceptional either.

Like I said, gothy and dark. Except for Disco Dust, which I use as highlighter on my eyes and face, they are be very hard to wear to say, work or school. Unless you think the smoky eye is okay for those places (It isn't. More on extreme makeup in my Advice for KinderGoths post, should be up by tomorrow.), or you're IN a field that requires dramatic makeup, like a makeup artist, or a stripper, or model. (An aside to Twin and Kelly. Your makeup is NOT a smoky eye. Yours is acceptable, and very cute.)

This is a beautiful palette, I love love love the colors, I really do. It's just hard to find a place to wear them, so if you're not able to find a place (For me it's concerts, pictures, Dance Recital, and Theater), don't shell out the money for this.

4 out of 5!


LtR: Forgiveness (pearlized butter-cream/Shimmertastic cream), Sand Timer (pearlized sand/Matte beige-skintone), Chandler (pearlized copper/ Venus in a new palette), Tijuana (brown and black with gold sparkle/Matte brown-lots of black with minimal sparkle), Wonderland (burgundy with gold pearl/Burgundy with a hint of gray, a few sparkles), Skiba (purple with gold pearl/gray purple with sparkle), Babe (lavender/Neon purple), You Alone (matte vanilla/Shimmery vanilla).

Another palette hard to wear in the daytime hours! This one actually looked exactly like another (CHEAPER) palette named True Love, only instead of copper, there was gold, and a matte black instead of the brown black. Also the white was matte. Otherwise they were exactly the friggen same. Go figure.

2 out of 5 because it's a ripoff of a cheaper palette by KAT VON D AS WELL.


This is my favorite palette because I can wear it! Daily! And it LOOKS NATURAL!
(Also I call this palette the shimmerbomb. It's very very shimmery, and requires a lot of blending if you want your eyes to look more natural, less beige disco-ball.)

LtR: Heavens (pearlized vanilla/See You Alone), Enjoy the Silence (pearlized butter-cream/See Forgiveness), (soft pink with sparkle/Disco Dust's color, but matte, with silver sparkle), Downtown(pearlized champagne/Shimmery beige), Sunny (pearlized gold/Unspectacular sort of gold.), Pray For Me (pearlized taupe/Dark grey beige), Bookworm (pearlized brown/Brown with gold sparkles), Caravaggio (dark matte brown).

I love this palette. Just saying. I use Pray For Me and Bookworm on days when I feel like making gradiation. <3 is cute, I use it both as highlight and in the inner corner of my eyes.

4 out of 5.


So I own 6 shades in the Lightning Sheer lipgloss line. 5 bucks each, that's a steal.
I own the colors Gunshine (Sheer gray), Hustler (sheer yellow gold with iridescent glitter), Stormy (Burgundy red with silver sparkles) Party Animal (Orange with gold sparkles) Retox (On Sephora it says this is baby pink. It's actually a peacy nude.), and Sexer (Sephora says peach, more or an apricot pink.)

The rest of the line was discontinued, but the other colors/names as near as I can guess are Stripper, Rocker, Marg, Strutter, Fierce Red, Saint and Bam. Those, of course are the really sexy pretty ones. -eye. roll-

I love this lipgloss. For 5$ from a huge place like Sephora that's a steal. They are also very shimmery and glittery. A few of the shades (Hustley, Sexer, Gunshine) are very sheer and provide minimal color, but there are a few colors (Party Animal, Stormy) provide some real color payoff. Party Animal, and Stormy is a sexy dark burgundy. The only problem is it tends to wear off easily. But it also smells very nice, like candied cherries, vanilla and apples.

So.. 3.75 out of 5!

Makeup Setting Mist

This...was a real disappointment. Thank god I got this on sale because its claims are crap. Fine mist? Locks your makeup down all day? No sale. The mist is really really awful, hardly a 'fine' spray. And my skin is still oily and foundation still needs to be set an hour later. Thank you oily skin!

1 out of 5 because it smells like cucumbers. Otherwise, don't waste your money.

Eye Primer

Another case of AWESOME container, bad product, like the Setting Mist. The name is Skin, but I have no idea who has skin color this yellow. It's 2 shades away from being flat out orange yellow, if you must know. And as far as priming goes? Not a whole heckuva lot of difference. My eyeshadow still creased like heck, and my lids still got oily. More oily in fact. Using this as a base also seems to make it HARDER to blend they eyeshadow, especially the darker ones. It gets patchy.

1 out of 5 for the scent (red apples) and awesome container.

That's all folks! I've reviewed it all. Hope you enjoyed.

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