Friday, March 4, 2011

New Play?

I'm going to do it. Going to take the plunge. write the dang play (MUSICAL!) based off Nikki Sixx and the Heroin Diaries Soundtrack. I was going to make them into music videos, but after RENT, I think I could do so much more with a play than with a 4 minute video.

So, here's the list of the songs. Until the new Sixx A.M. Album comes out, they'll stay this way

Xmas in Hell
Van Nuys
Accidents Can Happen
Pray For Me
Pray for Me Acoustic
Lies of The Beautiful People
Heart Failure
Courtesy Call
Accidents Can Happen Reprise
Dead Man's Ballet
Girl With Golden Eyes
Life is Beautiful
Life After Death

OBVIOUSLY this won't ever be a real play unless somehow Mr. Sixx approves. Which is doubtful. Unless he's like Greenday and actually don't mind.

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