Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fun with Pip and Facebook

Today, as I crossed the street, I noticed a guy in a reddish rusty truck that looked like a friend of mine, Pip Sampson, who lives in England and is the drummer for Al. B. Damned. The driver made a weird face at me and drove off.
I posted a status and here is the ensuing conversation:

Kody Thomas: Thought i saw Pip Sampson in a truck today. o.O
Pip: I drive a red truck
Pip: It looks like a firetruck
Pip: but it's not
Pip: it's made of cheese
Pip: It's a cheese truck
Pip: I call it Boris
It was a red truck I did you get to Denver?
Pip: It's a friendly truck
Pip: it flies
Pip: I flew it to Denver
Pip: i'm back in England now
Pip: I had a nice time
Kody: you made a weird face at me and I got worried
Kody: that's good
Pip: Now I'm going to bed because I'm really quite drunk and it's 7.30 AM ///// ARGH!!!
Bree: WOW! Kylie...I fucking love you
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So pip is crazy. And besides Joe Crow, who isn't in ABD , he is the only one that talks to me. ^^

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