Sunday, May 1, 2011 list

This will be the xmas/birthday list for the next 4 years or so.

Hot Topic Giftcard
Sephora giftcard
Flat Iron
Pore-fessional Primer
Lancome La Base Pro Primer
M.A.C Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in N3
Simpsons Seasons 6, 10, 11, 12
Barnes N Noble Gift card
*Sourpuss Batty Beki Dress
*Infectious Threads 426 Spiderweb Creeper shoes
*Infectious Threads Long sleeved slits top
*Kreepsville 666 I Love Halloween T-shirt
*Sourpuss Horror/Monster/Terror tie sleeves top
*Sourpuss Dressed To Kill Bat Skirt
*Iron Fist Wolfbeater/Bela's Dead hoodie
* Too Fast Eyebat pencil skirt
*Sourpuss Monster Gal pinup
*Sourpuss Killer Tarantula cardigan
* Sourpuss Dressed to Kill bat shrug
*Sourpuss Bloodbath Candy Corn lip balm
*Sourpuss Bloodbath Zombie Zen lotion
*Sourpuss Horror/Monster/zombie rhinestone necklace
*Sourpuss webbed clutch purse
*Sourpuss Monster faux fur scarf
*Sourpuss bat attack/green-black/orange-black/spiderweb socks
*Sourpuss spiderweb umbrella
*Kreepsville 666 Daddy's Ghoul Tee
*Kreepsville 666 Stripey bats/ dead girl socks
*Kreepsville electrocutie/I'm with spooky tee
*Sourpuss hearse bath mat
*Sourpuss Monster mortuary/rise from your grave/ monster parts mugs
*Kat Von D Angeles perfume

* means that its a special website,, Kreepsville 666 clothing,, and

You can see why this will last me 4 years. ^^

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