Monday, July 5, 2010

Welcome to the Electric Gypsy

So today I was playing around with iTunes, and I noteced a very sad thing. I spend 17$ on glamrock anthems. Yes, I bought seventeen by Winger. It's weird because instead of sticking to L.A Guns, I bought 3 Cinderella tracks, a band I haven't ever listened to. Then I splurged on Ratt. Even some LA Guns tracks that I've never heard. So I think it is safe to say I was born in the wrong century/decade. And of course the wrong musical period. I think I was a groupie in a past life. Next time I get a moment I will put up the pix of my 80's costume. yes I wore headbands. And if I dare say it, I was a sexy female Tracii Guns. Or Phil Lewis. And my hair won't spike up with hairspray or hairgel so I could not be my favorite Nikki. Sucks! So anyone else a total groupie girl?

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