Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stupid Genes...

So, My mother's dad's side of the family is notoriously bad with relationships.
My father's side too...
I'm semi-doomed to get 5 divorces, I think. You can't argue with math.

So, let's talk relationships!
Obviously I fail, right. That's what the blog is about, like um, see above.
My last 3 FAILED like Edward Cullen. Just FAILED.
First one I spend 7 months pouring out my heart and soul too, and in return I get cheated on. Then dumped.
Next one just ends like that. I don't even think I knew it was coming. Quite frankly, I'm bad at those signs. You can hint all you want, but I won't get it. Spare me the niceties, eh?
So, the latest lasted 2 weeks. I kind of thought that one would work out. But I get a bullcrap excuse about how not ready for a relationship he is, yada yada, but at least he still cares about me, thus tossing me that little scrap of hope that no dumped girl needs.
Thus ending in a one upping match of me spilling out my little heart and soul but it doesn't matter cause I doubt he gives a sh!t.

I hate falling in love

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