Saturday, July 17, 2010

A summary of Kody Lawless

Kody Lawless, author of this critically acclaimed blog, is a chick of many facets. She's the hair metal Elvira of the decade, with more makeup on her face than Nikki Sixx on a bad day. She's the culmination of Alice Cooper and Blackie Lawless, with a donation from Tracii Guns and Mr. Sixx himself. Her clothes are black as night, and she's hardly ever seen without her leather jacket. Her boots push her up to 5 and a half feet, with room to spare. Often she slurs her words, laughing at the worst tines. She loves too much and too deep. In fact, she has the Tommy to her Gina, the Sid to her Nancy. He puts up with her crap, making sure she gets some kind of sleep. Her eyes freak many out, as do her prowess with a rifle and her connection to animals. She watches old horror shows, like the twilight zone, religiously. She writes at times, but it's rare. Her forte is history. And war. Her pants cut off the math gene, so she's a bit lost there. Her Tommy often says it's cause of the 'looks that kill'. He can exaggerate a bit....
But most of all she's a Hollywood Vampire, an Electric Gypsy who loves everyone.

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