Thursday, July 1, 2010

Look, hair dye!

I'm thinking about my poor poor hair right now.
It must hate me...
What started all this were two blond streaks at the very very front of my hair. (If I had bangs, they would be bangs.
It stayed that bleach blonde for about 2 years.
Enter 8th grade. I dyed my streaks an acid green, which now that its gone, everyone enjoys telling me they hated it and it washed out my face, etc.
My face is pretty much white, you can't wash that out...
So after 2 rounds of acidic green, which unless your hair is black, looks terrible, I went purple.
For Halloween because I'm cool like that.
Everyone liked the purple, so I went red. For X-mas cause I coordinate sooooo well.
If I remember correctly, everyone liked that.
My hair just begged me to let it fade, dear god, let it fade please...
So I dyed it blue. And everyone went mad over that. Lurved it.
After 2 months, it fading, etc, I covered up the streaks and added dark red, NATURAL low lights.
Which worked for my father's wedding, but eh for me.
Enter my now dark brown hair.
I love it.

So, my one maybe 2 readers, what should I dye it next???

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  1. Too funny. You have given animation to your head covering, I like it!