Friday, November 12, 2010

Drama Drama Drama

Save it for your mother, my dears.

These past two weeks have rather drama filled. Like, to the point of me taking my pills like candy. (Slight exaggeration)
It all started with a boy (don't they all?) named...Justin. We'll call him J so I don't get sued. J and I have a love hate relationship, us being exes and all that. Many days I wish that it was legal to use my INSANE fingernails to make him...hush?
So, me and the boy are already hugging eachother, yet ready to stab if threatened.
And let me JUST SAY, I had enough on my plate. My then boyfriend and I had been, let's say strained. We made plans to hang out on Halloween, this did not happen. How disastrous....ok yeah, I'm mad.
Then I refuse to speak to him. Yeah, I don't like being scorned.
It got worse on Sunday. My cat, Jason, has an eye infection. 5 different papers are due. I'm way behind on everything. Then me and J start screaming at eachother on Monday. I cannot divulge the full extent of- oh who am I kidding, he called me a bitch and cussed like a sailor. Then he threw some hot chocolate in my friends face.
That day, a friend of mine informs me that I am now single. Yippee Skippee.
I confront my now ex about this. He tells me that he was hearing things I said. Namely, from friends whom I DO NOT HANG OUT WITH.
I informed him that those same friends told me he was cheating on me.
He told me who. I went into a blind rage. Because these 'friends' were making things UP. My 'friend' Sora told Alex I was hitting on him, and I was still obsessed with J. A guy who wants to gt in my pants and a girl who wants to get into my exes pants told him I was calling him a whore. A guy who I've been fueding with ALSO told him bullshizzle.
And I was done. Sora knew NOTHING, NOTHING about how I felt about Justin. And he said I was hitting on him because I HUGGED HIM. I HUG EVERYBODY!!!!
Then, the dear friend? Who informed me I was single? She volunteered to do my ex's dirty work. She volunteered to dump me, for him.

Drama drama..

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