Wednesday, November 24, 2010

America's Next Top Anorexic

Is it just me, or do almost all models look like sickly anorexic girls? This is what's hot now; a waist so small you can put your hands around it.
Gone are the days of less than 20 years ago, when models were curvy, and had hips. Remember Marilyn Monroe? Pam Anderson? In those days, these women were the epitome of sexiness. Nowadays, models look like sticks. Unless you're genetically predisposed to it, it's damn near impossible to be 5'10" and weigh 100 pounds. These women are flat. They look like boards. And everytime I watch a modeling show I feel like a fatty because I have hips, a butt and boobs. My boobs are size B. Not so big, but in the modeling industry, those are huge.

Did you know? In the modeling industry I'd be considered a 'plus size' model? I'm 119lbs, I have a slight curve, but I'd be considered plus sized.
Anyone remember that one episode? This girl, 116lbs soaking wet, was told to model. They were doing African animals. This girl, because of a tiny pooch in her stomach, was cast as an elephant. The other girls were gazelles, cheetahs, skinny lithe animals. Because of a tiny extra 2 pounds, and because she ate a bit more than other girls, this model was humiliated, and essentially called fat.

How many guys do you think are into the flat chested sickly looking girls? Not many, I'd bet. Girls are putting themselves through hell to acheive this 'perfect body', and most guys DO NOT find that attractive!

I for one, am sick of feeling fat because I have hips and a tiny stomach pooch. Enough is enough.

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