Monday, October 25, 2010

Thespians UNITE!!

So, I am in a theater class. High school Intro, but still, I'm in it. And single handedly THE BEST ACTRESS IN THERE.
I revel in it. It is my drug...kidding. But I love being on the stage.
Whenever we're asked to do a project that involves writing a script, and acting with a group, I am the first in demand. please, I had 3 characters ready to go. Before starting the class.
As we speak, I'm writing 2 plays. One inspired by Mr. Sixx, and the other about an insane guy trapped in a hospital with poor treatment, stuck in his own mind. Oh yeah, I'm slick. My teacher read the latter and said it broke her heart. very deep and so on.
So we were asked to do full makeup for our character, any character, like The Joker, then go onstage and do a scene. Mine was from the play I described. So I ratted my hair and made shadows. I get up there, do my impression of a stark raving lunatic, and finish...
Besides the Oompa-loompas who did very well, I was THE BEST. I say that with no false pretenses...I'm like the Raul Julia of our school. Quirky, yet able to BE the character.
I got one of the leads in the class's play. I'm the only one besides the Oompa's who remembers deadlines.
Man I'm good.

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  1. I so admire the ability that thespians have to get on stage and totally become someone else. THAT is a great talent to own. You are blessed my girl!!!