Monday, October 25, 2010


I'll say it. Boys suck. They really do. Boys are like strawberry pudding. No good.

I give you my exhibit A. tyler. The last word in clingy guy. I suppose if you're all into guys who walk you to class and never let you go, then he's great. You know, the training wheel high school boyfriend. But I'm sorry, celebrating week anniversaries? Not so much.

Exhibit B. The last word in FREAKING SCARY. Justin. oh Justin. So sweet and kind...yeah, no. Besides pretending he was possesed by a freaking DEMON. (Yes kids, demon) he is back with his ex. Online. You know. Not so good for my little ego.

Exhibit C. RJ. Yeah...I know he reads this, so I'll be kind. Still into me. Man, it's akward...

Exhibit D. Sora. Kisora-san. THE MOST INSENSITIVE GUY I KNOW. Give him a complicated female problem, like, monthly anger, and he'll say 'don't be angry.' yeah no.

I hate boys.

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  1. Good analogy of 4 rock girl...never settle for these types..keep your peeps open, you are doing great.